About Us
It all began with a passion for pets. “I really love all animals,” explains one of the co-founders, “I grew up with them.” This passion led the founders to start a social networking website that does more than just connect pet lovers across the world. They wanted a place where pet lovers could meet each other and blog about their pets, as well as find information on pet care, pet products including reviews of the best ones, updates on important pet news like changes to state laws, and celebrity pet gossip such as casting calls. Somewhere you can “ask a vet” if your pet is feeling under the weather or you are unsure of when they need their vaccines.

In addition to the social platform, the founders wanted to help make pet parents lives easier. They envisioned a place where pet enthusiasts could look for an adoptable pet, find out about events happening in their area including shows and fundraisers, and search for a dog walker, pet sitter, vet, pet store or groomer. With an emphasis on Eco products and greener living for those who want to help the planet while giving their pets the best they can, they decided to create special forums and groups just for the eco-conscious. Finally, they wanted a place where, after finding the service you need you can book it right then and there without having to make phone calls or go to another website.

And so, Yeepet.com was born. A place where pet lovers can blog, post brag pictures, find a new best friend(s), talk to a vet, or find and book a service.  Never has a social networking and service platform been so perfectly integrated into an international community.

The name of the website was inspired by their wish that it be short , simple, and meaningful. The word “Yee” is Chinese for “hundred million” and the hope is that this number will soon be represented by the users.

Happy Pet Living!