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Care and Grooming
2009-05-21 - 10:33 AM
We've all heard the saying that a cat has nine lives. If you want your cat to live out its nine lives, it's important to do a good job preventing disease and tr... Read more
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2009-12-20 - 11:04 PM
When a cat has a cold he probably doesn't have much of an appetite. When his nose is stuffy he can't smell his food. It is important for your feline friend to e... Read more
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2009-12-20 - 11:39 PM
A cat eats its food based on the smell. If the cat cannot smell the food he will not eat it. It is important that your cat eats something by the end of two days othe... Read more
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2008-12-18 - 11:37 AM
Not so long ago, people filled their cat boxes with sand, sawdust or ashes from the fireplace. Today, cat owners have a multitude of commercial litters to choose f... Read more
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2009-11-25 - 5:20 PM
Find a old,soft baby blanket, or soft towel will do. Wrap your cats stomach and hide legs up, making the clothe tight enough that the cat cannot squiggle out. If the ... Read more
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2008-09-15 - 12:05 AM
There are any number of things found in and around the home that are be harmful and even life threatening to you cat. You may not know what the cat has ingested to know... Read more
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2009-12-10 - 12:15 AM
There is no cat in the world that likes being restrained and watching a big drop of something come at their eye. Their aversion to this sometimes necessary treatment ... Read more
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2009-04-15 - 2:47 PM
Antibiotics are often used in the treatment of various feline diseases. Due to over-use of antibiotics, bacteria can develop resistance to frequently used antibiotics... Read more
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2009-11-25 - 4:47 PM
Everyone knows that cats hate getting wet. Cats generally keep themselves clean, and therefore should not be bathed any more often than is absolutely necessary. But t... Read more
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2009-04-15 - 4:19 PM
Call me a naturalist or an old-fashioned guy but I don't like to tamper with Mother Nature just because it's more convenient for me. I guess that sums up my f... Read more
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