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2009-08-25 - 11:17 PM
The solution to pollution is dilution; water changes replace a portion of "dirty" water with an equal portion of clean water, effectively diluting the concentrations ... Read more
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2009-08-25 - 11:02 PM
For hundred of years, the Siamese Fighting Fish or Betta splendens, has been kept and cultivated by people in Thailand (Siam). Today, the Betta is popular throughout ... Read more
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2009-08-25 - 11:10 PM
A reef tank is a perfect environment for keeping more than one species of pygmy angelfish, because this type of aquarium is usually replete with hiding places (a must... Read more
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2009-12-09 - 11:39 PM
If you love your fish this is the perfect article for you. Read everything and your fish will have a very long and healthy life.   Steps:   1. Buy a tan... Read more
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