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2009-10-13 - 5:35 PM
Nonenzymatic antioxidants, such as vitamin E, are critically important to protect horses from tissue damage and disease, and they might enhance immunity during these ... Read more
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2009-10-20 - 4:59 PM
For those of you that keep your horses in a stall, manure handling is a necessary evil.  Horses produce large amounts of manure and, according to the extension servi... Read more
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2009-09-29 - 5:26 PM
A wart is an epidermal (skin) tumor caused by a variety of different viral infections. Remember that the word tumor simply means lump or mass and does not always infe... Read more
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2009-07-20 - 3:05 PM
Maybe you’re transitioning from shoes to barefoot and need coverage until the hooves toughen and adapt. Maybe the ground on a particular ride is abrasive and unforg... Read more
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2009-01-29 - 1:34 PM
There are ten questions that all prospective horse owners should answer before ever contemplating owning a horse.     1. Do we have the f... Read more
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2009-09-24 - 5:43 PM
Growing up a child of the South, I never expected to live far beyond Atlanta’s warm glow. However, fate dictated otherwise, and I have had to learn to cope with not... Read more
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2009-10-14 - 6:52 PM
In today's world we are constantly reminded to be ecofriendly, to live “green” -so why not apply that mindset to horse ownership? You will be doing a favor to... Read more
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2009-09-29 - 4:49 PM
Unless your mare has had a bad breakup with the stallion next door, her watery eyes could indicate a serious problem. While there are many reasons for a horse to have... Read more
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2009-09-10 - 7:03 PM
Although up to the preference of the individual, many riders choose to saddle the horse first and then bridle it. In this way you can still restrain the horse on cros... Read more
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