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2009-10-14 - 7:06 PM
For the sake of your pets and family, please stop using chemical pesticides.   Toxic pesticides are considered an active poison. They are extremely dangerous t... Read more
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2009-08-15 - 12:33 PM
As a modern society, we understand the importance of food quality in maintaining or improving our health. We know that we need to eat good quality food in the appropr... Read more
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2009-09-29 - 5:50 PM
It's been the battle of a lifetime this summer: me against the fleas that have chosen to attack my two favorite puppies Madison and Bella. If you're versed in ... Read more
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2009-06-16 - 5:55 PM
Going green is a trend that is spreading to pet care. You start with house cleaning products and recycling. Then you start working on organic food and other things fo... Read more
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2009-06-15 - 5:04 PM
For years I've prided myself on believing that I take a very natural approach to the wellness of me and my family. However, I recently ventured into the aromathera... Read more
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2009-08-15 - 11:07 AM
Skippy, a 14-year-old poodle, was not acting like himself. He spent a lot of time sleeping and seemed disoriented when awake, standing in a corner and barking at the ... Read more
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2009-01-09 - 7:54 PM
Here are hot tips for an eco-friendly tail wagger that lives according the 4R's – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Rethink. There are over 75 million dogs alone in the... Read more
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2009-09-29 - 5:41 PM
The impact our pets have on the environment may not be something we usually think about. But given the fact that the Humane Society of the United States estimates the... Read more
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2009-06-09 - 3:58 PM
Going green in all aspects of your life is more than just driving less, buying local and recycling.  We often experience health benefits when we change the products we u... Read more
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2009-10-14 - 6:54 PM
Dr. Sara Skiwski is a Holistic Vet, which means that not only is she a licensed veterinarian, she is also trained in herbs and acupuncture for pets.  She shared with... Read more
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2009-08-14 - 6:03 PM
In 1997 I started using natural therapies in my practice as I became a more integrated doctor. Practicing in Texas I was seeing many allergic pets who really didn’t... Read more
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