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How to Stop Your Cat From Urinating and Defecating Inappropriately

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Though spraying can be a symptom of a medical condition, it can also be due to stress associated with a new person in the home, new carpet, remodeling or the presence of a neighbor cat. Here's how to redirect your cat to the litter box.
Getting Your Cat to Stop Spraying

Step 1
Have your veterinarian screen your cat for any medical conditions.
Step 2
Place litter boxes in the areas where your cat sprays.
Step 3
Put down plastic, two-sided tape, food, sandpaper or a lemon scent in areas where cat sprays. These will discourage spraying.
Step 4
To divert your cat from spraying in sinks and bathtubs, fill them with a little water.
Step 5
Confine your cat to a clean area with a litter box, food and water.
Step 6
Block visual access to outside areas if your cat is stressed by something in the outdoor environment (for example, a new cat in the area).
Step 7
Use an abundance of positive reinforcement messages.
Getting Your Cat to Use the Litter Box

Step 1
Place a number of litter boxes in different areas of the house to increase the chances that your cat will use one.
Step 2
Use various types of litter boxes and litter materials to entice your cat (see related eHow on cleaning litter boxes).
Step 3
When your cat finally adjusts to using the litter box, keep it in the same place for four weeks.
Step 4
Move the box 1-foot or less per day to the area you want it to stay permanently.
Step 5
Praise your cat when it uses the litter box.
Step 6
If the cat continues to spray, consult an animal behaviorist and your veterinarian. Some cats need temporary antianxiety medication.

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