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How to Potty Train Your Cat

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This will teach you how to potty train you finicky feline so that you don't have to touch nasty litter ever again.
1. Purchase a cat potty training kit like the CitiKitty Toilet Training Kit
2. Move the litter box into the bathroom adjacent to the toilet. Make sure the lid is off.
3. For the first day, leave the box sitting on the ground.
4. If your kitty takes this move well, the next day put a small box or some phone books under the box to raise it up about 5-7 inches.
5. Depending on how well your cat adapts to the box raising, move it up as often as possible until it is even with the toilet. Make sure your cat is using the toilet to get in and out of the box.
6. When she is used to using the toilet to boost herself up to the box, move the box over so it is sitting on the toilet. This will teach her to jump up. Remove the litter box if a person will be using the toilet.
7. When she is used to the box being on the toilet, remove the box all-together. Place your cat toilet training seat on the toilet. Fill your training seat with litter, and it is important to make sure you clean this every time the cat uses it. When your cat is ready begin removing the rings from the training seat. Eventually your cat will have all four paws resting on the toilet seat and not in the training seat.
8. Once you have removed all the rings from the training seat remove the training seat from the toilet and your kitty is potty trained!
- Give your cat treats and praise for good performance during training.
- Clean the training seat every day during training or kitty most likely will not use it!

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