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Advice on Making a Pet Insurance Claim

By Editors at Kiplingers Best
Updated: 2009-12-09 10:49 PM 1917 Views    Category: - Pet Insurance
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Making a Claim
If the unfortunate happens, you will need to make a claim on your policy. Tips to help you through the process:

- Don't panic.

- Check your policy to see if the incident is covered. Some pet polices cover accidents, but not illnesses. Some cover only certain illnesses.

- Save any invoices from your veterinarian.

- Contact your insurer as soon as possible. Usually you must make a claim within a set time period.

- Your insurer should provide you with a claim form. If not, ask them to please provide.

- Follow the instructions on the claim form. Typically, your veterinarian can assist you with this step.

- If you need to send in vet invoices with the claim form, be sure to make copies for your own records.

Important: The information above is non-specific to any particular pet insurance policy and should be regarded as a basic overview of the type of procedures involved upon making a claim. Always refer to your insurer for specific, accurate information on the procedures and processes involved in making a claim.


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