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Kong Stuffing for All Occasions

By Brandi Barker
Updated: 2009-12-18 1:22 PM 3168 Views    Category: Training
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The Kong product range is an industry standard due to its durability and versatility as a chew toy. A Kong is a great to help keep an excited dog calm, a calm dog busy, and a busy dog focused!
Here are a few basics about using the Kong:
- Kibble, cheese, plain yogurt, and all-natural peanut butter are great fillings for a Kong. But dogs DO get bored, so remember to vary things
for them!

- Partially freezing the filling helps makes the fun last that much longer! Fill a portion of the Kong with your filling of choice, freeze it, and, once you remove it from the freezer to give to your pup, then fill the leftover space with the same or another filling.

- Add fruits and vegetables! Chopped or pureed apples, celery, pears, green beans, peaches, snap peas, or bananas are great and healthy ways to “punch up” the fun! Toss them into the peanut butter or cream cheese filling or with your dog’s kibble!

-If you’re using the Kong for crate association or confidence building
when you leave, make sure to hide the Kong once you return home so
your dog learns that good stuff happens when in the crate or alone. Once freedom returns, it goes away!
“Kong Fun” Recipes:


- Fill halfway with canned pumpkin and freeze
- Add with cream cheese and a few jerky treats
- Make sure the jerky treats are pushed into the cream cheese so they are a surprise

- Fill halfway with peanut butter and freeze
- Smear honey around the edge and add apples and carrots
- Top with fresh peanut butter

- Smear American or another soft cheese
- Place a bully stick into the hole of the Kong
- Add mealtime kibble

- Fill halfway with plain yogurt and freeze
- Smear a little fresh yogurt around the edge and fill with kibble
*** Please remember to take your dog’s digestion and health into
consideration when using any of these suggestions. Although all of our
recommendations are tried and true, every dog is very different from
each other, so make sure you monitor them.  Too much of anything is
still too much!

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With the last name “Barker”, Brandi was destined to work with dogs! A lifelong animal lover; she formally began training dogs in 2001 when she completed her apprenticeship at the Anti-Cruelty Society. In the classroom, she honed her interpretation of canine body language, developed a toolbox of effective behavior modification techniques and fine-tuned her communication skills with dogs and people while only using reward-based techniques. Brandi completed her Master's degree at DePaul University in Developing Behavior Management Practices to Enhance Understanding in Human/Animal Relationships and is a Certified Pet Dog Trainer. Brandi's unique achievements gave her a solid foundation in animal learning theory, ethology and operant and classical conditioning. She uses this knowledge in conjunction with the active listening, relationship development and creative problem solving skills she acquired from a decade in the corporate world. Brandi is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers and her philosophy incorporates attainable goals into every day life with a lot of patience, fairness and fun…for humans and dogs.
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