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Three iPhone Apps That Keep Track of Your Pets

Keeping track of your pet or pets can be a hassle. iPhone apps that can keep track of your pet become especially important. You are responsible to ...  Read More

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01/20/2011 15:17:51 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2055 views, Category: Petivities, Pet toys and treats , Pet holidays: Valentine View All Blogs
Valentine Pet Gifts On A Budget Valentine's Day is coming very soon.  If you are looking for a special romantic valentine's present, remember your pets as well on your shopping trips!  Our pets are with us through thick and thin and love it when they are remembered with special love and treats.  Since money may be tight after all the holiday spending and hoopla,...Read More
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01/18/2011 16:53:18 PM, by KapitN 1565 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Bird Feeders: Vicarious Fun For Indoor Cats While it's healthier for cats to stay indoors, being safe from the dangers outside can make them bored. However, they can get a compelling glimpse of the larger world if you have a bird feeder outside of your window. They won't actually be able to catch and eat the birds, but the prospect of doing so will be absolutely tantalizing. Th...Read More
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01/17/2011 10:41:03 AM, by KapitN 1600 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
The Electric Pet Massager JBAM-2: When Hands Aren't Enough At first glance the Electric Pet Massager JBAM-2 appears to be a complete waste of money. After all, why use a machine to pet your dog or cat when it deprives both human and animal of the physical comfort? However, the benefits are literally more than skin deep. Massage has proven physical and psychological health benefits for human, and ther...Read More
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01/16/2011 20:03:42 PM, by K.T.Riffic 3835 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets View All Blogs
Perpetua Life Jewels Keep Your Pet Close Do you love your pet so much you want to carry a little piece of him or her with you at all times? Or maybe you want a piece of jewelry that will make a statement, get people talking, and have a great story behind it. Either way, the Perpetua Life Jewels necklaces are worth looking into. What makes these necklaces so unique is that they...Read More
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01/12/2011 15:56:04 PM, by KapitN 1570 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Automated Cat Toys Offer Technologically Enhanced Fun Contrary to what you might think, automated cat toys aren't for people too lazy to play with their cat themselves. These devices, like any toy, require full supervision as a precaution. They also offer new levels of interaction that purely analog toys cannot. For example, many pet stores now sell laser pointers for felines. These project ...Read More
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01/06/2011 09:06:42 AM, by KapitN 1547 views, Category: Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
The Whiner-&-Diner Dog Toy Box: Store Your Dog's Toys In Style Dogs tend to leave their toys everywhere, spreading their torn, slobber-coated accessories around the house and yard. However, there are some people who might not find putting all these toys in a simple box a palatable solution. For them, there's the hand-crafted dog toy boxes from "eco-pet" company Whiner-&-Diner, which are anything but sim...Read More
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