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Keeping Dogs Cool In Japan With A Tank Top

Due to the recent problems in Japan, air conditioners have been set at 82 degrees if they are turned on at all, in order to conserve electricity...  Read More

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11/28/2011 06:22:51 AM, by petsitting 1781 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
What Can a Cat Sitter Provide Your Cat With? If you own a pet, we are sure you would have come across a time when you had some sort of an emergency and needed to leave town urgently.  At such a time, you don’t want to leave your pet to anyone and go.  You certainly need to put your cat’s interest first.  In case you have more than one cat, make sure you hire a ca...Read More
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11/15/2011 19:07:07 PM, by K.T.Riffic 4600 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Dogs Wearing Ties - How Can You Resist? So Halloween is over but we can still have some fun watching dogs dress up. One of the most adorable and hilarious scenes is seeing a dog wearing a tie. Ever since the old days we spent watching Sesame Street with the dogs dressed up like humans with a guy behind them sticking their hands through the shirt sleeves to present something or other...Read More
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11/14/2011 18:18:35 PM, by K.T.Riffic 6332 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Celebrity pet gossip View All Blogs
5 Doggie Dream Homes You Will Not Believe For someone who cannot even get her own dog into a dog house, it is a stretch to believe some dog owners have created or bought these amazing dog houses for their pets. Dog house is not really a fitting term. These are more like dog mansions. The classic dog house, if you will recall from The Peanuts, was a basic red, four sided structu...Read More
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11/12/2011 06:28:38 AM, by K.T.Riffic 5001 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet holidays: Christmas View All Blogs
Adorable Holiday Dresses Your Dog Will Look Amazing In As the holidays approach, there is more and more to think about. Don’t let your dog get left behind. It is important for her to look her best for your guests. We at YeePet have you covered. Here are 6 dresses your dog will look great in. They are split up into two categories, small and large since smaller dogs tend to have a different styl...Read More
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11/10/2011 01:54:14 AM, by petsitting 1362 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Find a Pet Sitter with Ease Find a Pet Sitter with Ease Most pet house owners wish the simplest pet sitter in city. Some already recognize who they're going to use whereas others want somewhat a lot of facilitate finding the correct pet sitter. There are many ways in which to seek out a pet sitter with ease and a few of the highest strategies are listed below. The Wo...Read More
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