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Is it Healthy to Sleep With Your Pet?

Many people who have pets often debate whether or not to let them sleep with you in the same bed for many reasons. Considering half of all American...  Read More

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04/29/2011 13:27:08 PM, by Ellent 1452 views, Category: Pet travel View All Blogs
How to Plan for Summer Pet Friendly Vacations This year while you plan for your vacation, consider having a pet friendly vacation!  There are many places that are now excepting pets as lodgers, welcomed in parks and sight-seeing spots across the country. Here are some suggestions to help you find pet friendly vacation locations as well as what their policies might be. 1. &...Read More
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04/23/2011 16:14:42 PM, by Ellent 1611 views, Category: Pet travel View All Blogs
Tips for Taking Good Care of Your Pet When You Are Away Traveling, whether for business or pleasure, has become a very common part of our lifestyle.  This can leave some challenges when it comes to your pets. Many times, we cannot feasibly bring them with us so what to do? I am a flight attendant and have to travel quite a bit, I want my pets to be safe and comfortable while I'm gone. If yo...Read More
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04/20/2011 10:15:10 AM, by Merrill 1719 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Rhobo’s Birthday Party Rhobo was a Welsh terrier. His first home was with three young boys. He had no discipline and destroyed their house, thus his name. When he was nine months old, he went to another home that lasted his life of sixteen years. He had his new master’s number and ruled the roost for about one month then they went to obedience training and go...Read More
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04/18/2011 13:23:51 PM, by stewgirl 5403 views, Category: Pet travel View All Blogs
Dog Life Vests For All Water Vacation Destinations   It's that time of year and many dog owners are loading up their vehicle with everything they need for a fun day in the sun. They may be attaching a boat to the back and calling the dog for a long ride on the highway to one of their favorite lakes or beaches.   In the Midwest, Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri is a very large body of wa...Read More
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04/18/2011 07:36:34 AM, by kdgrier 11170 views, Category: Pet travel View All Blogs
Tips on Traveling with a Guinea Pig There is always plenty of information, both online and offline, about traveling with cats and dogs, but what if your pet is a guinea pig? First let's make one thing perfectly clear, you cannot travel on a plane with a guinea pig. This has nothing to do with airline regulations and everything to do with the safety of your guinea pig. The cargo ...Read More
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04/14/2011 13:56:24 PM, by jennson 1306 views, Category: Pet pack life View All Blogs
Healthy Recipes for Your Pet All of us pet parents know that buying pet food can get very expensive. We only want the best for them and want to ensure that they are getting a healthy, balanced diet. However, you can also choose to make your own pet food and snacks. It is less hard on your wallet, plus you can have peace of mind knowing what is exactly put into your pet&rsqu...Read More
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04/13/2011 19:02:52 PM, by jennson 1258 views, Category: Pet pack life View All Blogs
What to Consider Before Adopting a Pet Thousands of homeless and unwanted pets are placed in shelters each year, and many are euthanized simply because there are not enough resources and space for all the animals. However, so many of these lives could have been saved and been in good homes had people done some research and considered their lifestyle before they decided to adopt a p...Read More
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04/12/2011 19:38:00 PM, by KapitN 5083 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Cat Fitness 101 Just like human beings, cats need regular physical exercise to maintain health in both body and mind. However, while dogs can simply be taken for walks or sessions of ball-chasing, most cats tend to prefer their own structures. Here are some ways to introduce fitness to your feline's lazy lifestyle. Take at least fifteen minutes out of yo...Read More
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