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Truckload of Puppies Found in MA

I was just watching the 11:00 p.m. news and I heard a terrible story about a truckload of puppies that was recently found in Webster, Massachusetts...  Read More

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04/29/2011 14:31:50 PM, by KapitN 3674 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Tragic Fate of The Turkish Van Cat The Turkish Van is famed as the "swimming cat", one of the few felines that actually embraces water. It's also a symbol of the Kurdish people, found in art and culture dating back to the 16th century. However, as the indigenous Kurds were persecuted by the Turkish Republic, so were their beloved cats. Turkish Vans were targeted for extermina...Read More
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04/29/2011 13:44:10 PM, by Ellent 1480 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Cats and People: The Therapeutic Advantages Cats are extremely intelligent, small in size and clean freaks. Cats also serve as therapeutic remedies for many people in many ways. 
That sweet, curled up, 6 lbs of fur known as kitty can be one of the greatest forms of therapy for many people.  According to the Society of Companion Animal Studies, people who interact with a...Read More
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04/26/2011 18:01:15 PM, by KapitN 1215 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
The Curious Incident of the New York Castaway Cat A few days ago, a stray calico cat was found on Govenors' Island in the New York Bay. This would not be particularly remarkable, but for the fact that she was covered in salt water and seaweed, evidence that she'd swam to the island. Very few cats can abide water, and even the rare swimming breeds like the Turkish Van haven't been kn...Read More
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04/23/2011 18:05:49 PM, by Ellent 1756 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Mollys Journey to a Happy Life Molly is a little bit of everything.  She's got the black tongue and curled tail of  a Chow, her head looks like a lab, she's got floppy long ears and weighs 35 lbs.  She's just a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I first met Molly while I was walking Hannah.  She came running over and followed ...Read More
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04/22/2011 21:06:21 PM, by KapitN 3642 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Alex and Me: A Love Story of Person and Parrot African grey parrots are popular for their friendly nature and speech-mimicking abilities. However, their abilities go far beyond copying what they hear. The African grey is one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, and their walnut-sized brains have cognitive abilities closer to humans than other birds. This was proven to the world by ...Read More
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04/20/2011 09:50:00 AM, by Merrill 1253 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
A Goat Named George Goats make great pets and George was no exception. He was an imp of an old  goat with arthritic legs that moved in every direction and he would push any one he could. He opened the stall doors and ate the hay though he had access to the hay stall. When the sun was out he would bask motionless for hours. Rescued from a farm where he was m...Read More
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04/19/2011 19:34:44 PM, by KapitN 1202 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
The Problem of Fake Service Dogs Many people own service dogs, and most of them are legitimately disabled. The use of service animals is a necessary boon for people, as they can perform functions ranging from fetching medication in emergencies to altering the hearing-impaired to alarms. However, service animals are not always recognized by establishments like restaurants and ap...Read More
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04/18/2011 15:38:30 PM, by KapitN 9282 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Turkish Van: The Amazing Aqua-Cat Cats are notorious for their  fervent hatred of water, but this trait isn't exclusive to all breeds. The Turkish Van is a type of cat that has become famous for its ability not only to swim in water, but to actively seek it. But unlike many breeds, the Turkish Van is not the result of domestic breeding, but a naturally occurring cat tha...Read More
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04/17/2011 14:59:25 PM, by JunieBee 1442 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
I Am Back! Junie Watching The Parade Finally!  It's been a long time coming.  After the fire, mom had a laptop she was working from, but she hated working with the touch pad.  She didn't blog any more than the bare minimum. All is better now.  Mom and Dad bought a mobile hom...Read More
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04/15/2011 14:03:50 PM, by KapitN 4091 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
Animal Planet's Cats 101: A Simple Show of Complex Breeds Cats 101 is an hour-long documentary show on the Animal Planet that features exactly what the title suggests-- basic information on cat breeds. Each episode spotlights a few select breeds, and discusses their characteristics (including the specific categories of grooming requirements, health, and family compatibility). Footage of the cats being ...Read More
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04/14/2011 07:01:40 AM, by kdgrier 3891 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
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Leaving Your Pet Alone While You Work There is just no getting around the fact that most of us must leave the comfort of our homes, along with our pets, to go to work everyday. This often causes separation anxiety, both for the pet owner and the pet. Do you sit at work all day wondering what your pet is up to? Do you worry that he/she is lonely, or getting into mischief, or even s...Read More
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04/05/2011 19:24:07 PM, by KapitN 3850 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Dog Keeps Boy Alive In Woods, Mother Does Not For every story about how horrible human beings can be, there's a story about the courage and loyalty of dogs. The story of Tyler Jacobson, a 22-month old child from South Carolina, contains both. Tyler became lost in the woods when he wandered away from home, unbeknownst to his mother and her boyfriend. They eventually reported him missi...Read More
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04/05/2011 13:10:05 PM, by sybil 1841 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Personalized Urn (or vase) to Help You Cope With Loss of Pet When our dog died, we chose not to keep her remains as displaying a conventional urn would be depressing and focus on the loss. Looking at photos was comforting, which inspired me, a mosaic artist, to develope a process of incorporating a photo montage into a beautiful mosaic design to transform an urn into a personal and uplifting piece of ar...Read More
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04/04/2011 19:46:38 PM, by KapitN 11747 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
The Savannah: Half Domestic, Half Wild, All Awesome One of the most striking of all cat breeds is the Savannah, a breed that's only been around for a few decades. Savannahs are very large cats, reaching up to 42 inches long and 18 inches tall. This is not ordinary for domestic cats, but the heritage of the Savannah is only part domestic. The other half of their genes comes from the serval, a ...Read More
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