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A Present For Pet Lovers: Personalized Puppy or Pussycat Photo Puzzles

If you are a pet owner, or at least know pet owners, then you know that any paraphernalia related to their furry 'child' will be appreciate...  Read More

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04/25/2011 21:57:34 PM, by stewgirl 2568 views, Category: Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Get Your Pet to Drink More Water – Comparing Automatic Water Fountains All dogs and cats like to have an unlimited supply of water, however, that usually means you need to stop what you are doing and go fill the water dish ever hour or two, sometimes to loud barks and meows. Besides having a larger supply of water, fountain water machines pump oxygen into the water and most have filters to catch impurities so that ...Read More
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04/21/2011 00:08:33 AM, by stewgirl 4953 views, Category: Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Thunder Shirts for Dogs; No Drugs, No Drama Thousands of dogs suffer from severe anxiety attacks during thunder storms. They typically shake violently from head to toe until the storms pass. Unfortunately, there is nothing their owner can do to calms them. They can wrap them in a blanket, hold them tight, rock and sing to them or try to distract them with treats and toys but nothing takes...Read More
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04/20/2011 10:04:32 AM, by Merrill 1546 views, Category: More pet holidays View All Blogs
Easter Egg Hunt For Cats An Easter Egg hunt is fun for everyone and cats are no exception. Their curious nature makes this event a great way to help celebrate the holiday. However, for cats the hunt is not for decorated hard-boiled eggs and it is an all day event. The preparation is not as simple as boiling and decorating an egg. Each cat has one or more favorite ite...Read More
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04/11/2011 12:02:41 PM, by Mydoggy 1448 views, Category: More pet holidays View All Blogs
June 24, 2011 (Take your dog to work day) How many times have you left your dog crying and only wished you would have taken him/her with you? Good News! On Friday June 24, 2011 you have the chance to take your dog to work. We spend more time with people at work than with our families, friends, and pets. Some of us are lucky we have friends at work but that’s not the case for every...Read More
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