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Ribbons and Strings Can Pose a Safety Risk to Your Cat.

What's The problem? Ribbons, especially raffia ribbon, (the straw type) can be tempting for your cat to play with. Unfortunately, when swallowed...  Read More

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05/23/2011 15:02:18 PM, by Merrill 4009 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
A Pet Plan for Senior Pet Owners    Seniors love their pets.  They provide companionship and the pets keep their humans healthy and alert.  But seniors have one major difference than other pet owners because they have limited time.  Yes, no one knows how long we will live, but when people reach their senior years time becomes precious.  A plan mus...Read More
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05/21/2011 20:12:50 PM, by KellyEere 5985 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Should You Kennel Your Dog? Everyone who owns a pet is faced with this choice at least once a year when they decide to go on a vacation with their family. Do you bring your dog, or place him in a kennel. Let’s take a look at what kenneling is, and whether or not bringing your dog on vacation would cause unneeded stress and kenneling would be the right option.  ...Read More
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05/21/2011 08:47:36 AM, by KellyEere 3974 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
The Truth About Chocolate and Your Dog Everywhere you go you hear that chocolate it deadly for dogs. Don’t let your dogs eat chocolate, it will kill them. What exactly is so deadly in chocolate for dogs? Is there any chocolate that is safe for your dogs to eat?  People will give their dog an Oreo or a chocolate chip cookie and not think twice because it doesn’t do a ...Read More
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05/20/2011 11:57:04 AM, by Mydoggy 3665 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Dog Obesity It can definitely shorten your pet’s life span. As much as twenty five percent of dogs and cats going to the veterinarian today are obese.Obesity might cause some healthproblems: heart and liver problems, diabetes, arthritis, bladder cancer, and skin disorders. Make sure you read dog food labels and get good info on what chemicals in the i...Read More
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05/19/2011 07:36:55 AM, by Merrill 3910 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Feedings Dogs and Cats Naturally  The best time to start feeding your dog or cat naturally is the day they are brought home.  There are many feeds to choose from but the best is the one with the least amount of chemicals.  Those organic followers can find organic feed online.   The first week of feeding is important. As everyone knows, when changing feed, ...Read More
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05/18/2011 17:26:00 PM, by KellyEere 3908 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Unknown Hazards for Cats in Your Home Many cat owners don’t know that in their home they have many potentially dangerous things lying around that could possibly injure or kill their cat. Everyday appliances, plants, the simplest things can cause sickness or injury to your pet.   Plants and Food Below are a list of common foods, and plants people have in their house and...Read More
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05/17/2011 16:55:00 PM, by KapitN 3903 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Signs of Danger in Sick Kittens Like all baby animals, kittens are especially fragile in their youth, before they have the chance to grow bigger and stronger. And adopted kittens are especially frail, due to the ease with which germs spread through overcrowded pet stores. What would be a mild cold in an adult cat could be a life-threatening illness in a younger one. Here are s...Read More
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05/17/2011 10:35:35 AM, by Mydoggy 3689 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Mythic Dog Days Hot-humid days of summer or dog days are approaching and some of us already have symptoms. The brightest start in the constellation Canis Major is called Big Dog.  The Canis Major constellation is shaped like a dog and the Big Dog Star is right on the doggy’s neck. Big dog is also known as Sirius in Ancient Greek meaning “scorch...Read More
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05/16/2011 11:10:52 AM, by KapitN 5566 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Cat Acupuncture: Needling Your Cat For Their Health Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that involves inserting needles into diseased or injured points of the body. The traditional theory is that illness is caused (or at least, aggravated) by obstructions to the flow of chi, the energy of life. Acupuncture needles are used to clear out the blockages in the body, allowing the body t...Read More
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05/16/2011 08:30:28 AM, by Merrill 3715 views, Category: Pet training and behavior View All Blogs
A Housebreaking Tip for Dogs     Plex was an eight-week-old tricolor Beagle puppy, his face masked in brown with a perfect saddle on his back.  He was kept in a big outdoor pen all of his short life, so house and housebreaking was not in his routine.   He was brought home in a kennel cab, which he do not like and howled all the way home.  He...Read More
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05/14/2011 17:01:53 PM, by KellyEere 4340 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Dog Insurance Pros and Cons Dog insurance has many providers, different policies and prices. Each individual dog will be given different rates based upon, breed, age, health and lifestyle. All of these will all be taken into account when you are given a price quote. It can be difficult to decide whether or not health insurance for your dog is worth it. What are The Pros...Read More
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05/14/2011 10:28:23 AM, by KapitN 2076 views, Category: Pet training and behavior View All Blogs
How to Get Your Cat to Like the Carrier For many cats, the prospect of being put in a cat carrier for an extended trip is a nightmare. And for the owners of those cats, the prospect of putting them in a cat carrier is similarly unpleasant. Here are some tips to make the process less painful for both parties. Keep the carrier open when not in use. Allow your cat open access to the d...Read More
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05/13/2011 10:27:27 AM, by KellyEere 2852 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Vaccinating Your Cat The Right Way Vaccinating your cat can be very a confusing thing. It's good to know when to take your furry child to the vet. They offer many different vaccinations, most of which are given at different times. Some of these vaccines should be ruled out based on whether or not your kitty will be going outside. Exclusively indoor cats should not be vaccinated...Read More
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05/12/2011 05:04:52 AM, by KellyEere 7379 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Dog Grooming Brushes and Tips With so many products to choose from today it’s very hard to choose which one is right for your pet. Many people will walk into the pet store looking for a brush for their shedding dog and not even take into account what type of coat their dog has when choosing a brush. Dogs have different types of hair just as we do. Using one t...Read More
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05/09/2011 19:02:23 PM, by honorine 1960 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Lost and Found of Mr. Fuzzy and Tips on How to Avoid Losing Your Cat It's the spring time and the cats are eager to explore the outside world and socialize with their feline friends. My cat Mr. Fuzzy went away last Sat after 1pm and came back today around 3:10pm. I felt the end of the world at that moment. I was so thrilled to see him back today! He looked skinny but very healthy, still. I was so sad an...Read More
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05/06/2011 11:18:03 AM, by Ellent 2066 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Are Vegetarian Diets OK for Your Pets? Vegetarian diets have become extremely popular amongst people and in turn people want to put their dogs and cats on vegetarian diets.  The main concern is whether vegetarian diets are Ok for your pets.  First off, there has to be a clear understanding regarding your dog or cat's anatomy. Dogs and cats are carnivora (meat-ea...Read More
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05/05/2011 12:44:24 PM, by stewgirl 1813 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Dog Food 101 Dogs need to eat and if left to 'open feed', many dogs will eat until they can barely move. Naturally, this not all dogs and is dependent on a dog's upbringing and breed, but most professional dog behaviorists and veterinarians agree that a dogs feeding should be scheduled and monitored to avoid an overweight pet.   All dog food is not ...Read More
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05/04/2011 12:24:20 PM, by Ellent 5843 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans, Pet care, safety and insurance, Pet green living View All Blogs
How to Build a Bunny House Bunnies have become very popular pets for people from apartments to houses.  You will need to have housing for your bunny, whether it's for the majority of the day or for a few hours a day.  Here are some tips on building a bunny house that will keep your pet safe, happy and content. The first thing to consider is just how long ...Read More
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05/03/2011 17:16:57 PM, by KapitN 8659 views, Category: Pet training and behavior View All Blogs
The How and Why of Cat Kneading If you own a cat, you've probably noticed them pushing their little paws in and out over soft surfaces, alternating with their left and right feet in a rhythmic motion. This common behavior is properly known as kneading, as it resembles making bread by hand. It may seem ridiculous, but kneading has several important functions to the felin...Read More
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05/02/2011 16:56:49 PM, by KapitN 1951 views, Category: Pet training and behavior View All Blogs
How to Identify and Deal with Feline Aggression If cats are generally considered foul-tempered, it's with good reason-- that's the way they evolved. Aggression is a necessary behavior for survival, especially for a smaller animal like the domestic cat's ancestors. Cats show this in several fashions for completely different reason, and each form of aggression requires a different strategy. Som...Read More
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