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Top 10 Weirdest Pets

We all think our pet is unique, each cat and dog has his own personality traits and quirks. But, some people have more unique pets than others! T...  Read More

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08/30/2011 18:49:12 PM, by KapitN 14717 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
The Viking Strength of the Norwegian Forest Cat A breed whose ancestors hung around the Vikings, the Norwegian Forest Cat is built for the elements. This is a large, sturdy breed with a thick multi-layer coat, which grows very long during the winter but sheds during the summer. They even have tracks of hair inside their ear to deflect wind and snow, which some have compared to racing strip...Read More
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08/27/2011 19:25:03 PM, by KapitN 7145 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
Meet the Homeward Bound Himalayan Cat A descendant of the venerable Persian breed, the Himalayan cat is one of the most iconic breeds. Similar to their predecessor, but with blue eyes colored points, Himalayans have cast a striking profile across popular culture. Himalayan cats were prominently used in several movies, most notably the respective series Meet the Parents and Homewa...Read More
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08/23/2011 17:49:36 PM, by KapitN 2885 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
The Curious Origins of Cat Got Your Tongue? Yet another bizarre cat-themed adage is the common question, “Cat got your tongue”? The meaning-- that the person in question is struck silent by fear and/or embarrassment-- is familiar to almost all English speakers. The origins, however, are less clear. There are many theories as to how cats grabbing tongues became a common idio...Read More
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08/21/2011 15:25:20 PM, by KapitN 4912 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
The Chartreux: The Quiet Pride of France The Chartreux (pronounced Char-TROO) is one of the oldest and most distinct of breeds. They carry a striking profile with their large bodies, quick movements, and “smiling” faces. The most renowned of their features is their coat, which has a unique greyish blue color. This deceptively short coat actually has two layers of fur, gi...Read More
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08/18/2011 11:41:02 AM, by KapitN 3346 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
The Unpleasant Origins of Letting the Cat out of the Bag Given how many other aspects of human civilization have been influenced by the fuzzy grip of the domestic cat, it should come as no surprise that many common sayings use felines as metaphor. For example, the common phrase “let the cat out of the bag”, which innocuously references the revealing of a secret. However, modern people m...Read More
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08/13/2011 09:52:37 AM, by KapitN 1531 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
Katharine Rogers' Cat: The Literary Battle for Human Hearts and Minds Part of University of Chicago Press’ series on the cultural history of animals, Katharine Rogers’ Cat explores the significance of felines throughout human civilization. Exhaustively researched and appealingly designed, Cat offers an engaging survey of how humans have perceived cats through the ages, and how we’ve struggled ...Read More
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08/06/2011 17:46:18 PM, by KapitN 10080 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
The Persian Cat: Old-World Feline Grace The Persian cat, with its massive coat of fur and aristocratically-scrunched face, is one of the most iconic breeds of domestic feline. The breed certainly has had time to be famous, as Persian cats have been popular in the West since the 17th century, when European explorers brought them back from Persia (now known as Iran). To this date the...Read More
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08/03/2011 23:38:38 PM, by KapitN 2038 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on View All Blogs
The Bad Luck of Black Cats The myths about black cats being ill omens are deeply ingrained into many cultures. Ancient Greece saw them as symbols of Hecate, the mother of witchcraft. 12th and 13th Century Europe claimed that black cats were the familiars of witches, or even witches in disguise. And 17th Century Salem, Massachusetts often killed the poor animals during ...Read More
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08/01/2011 21:41:58 PM, by KapitN 1268 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
How To Donate to a Pet Blood Bank For humans, donating blood is an important charitable service that gives hospitals the fluids they need to treat emergencies. The same is true for pets, as veterinarians will need dog or cat blood to treat injured animals. But though this seems perfectly logical, the idea of pet blood banks might not occur to many people. Fortunately, the pro...Read More
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