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Ideas For Your Dog Halloween Costumes

Halloween is coming!  Your pups are waiting to see what you'll be dressing them up in this Halloween!  Yes, Dog Costumes are all the ra...  Read More

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09/29/2011 12:35:31 PM, by KapitN 1889 views, Category: Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Wet Cat Food Shopping Tips Experts agree that wet cat food is superior to dry cat food in terms of nutrition, as wet foods tend to contain more proteins and fewer carbohydrates/sugars. They also avoid some of the digestive and dental problems associated with excess dry food. However, not all wet foods are created equal, so here are some tips to find the best canned/pac...Read More
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09/28/2011 18:02:07 PM, by HAFowler 6611 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Pet holidays: Halloween View All Blogs
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10 Tips on How to Keep Your Pet Safe at Halloween Halloween is an awesome part of the year, when everybody gets to have fun pretending to be whomever or whatever they want, show off their creativity, and gather with friends for a spooky good time. This is not even to mention the treat of seeing little kids and pets dressed up… and the candy! Who can forget the candy? While the ce...Read More
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09/22/2011 17:25:24 PM, by KapitN 1430 views, Category: Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Cat Treat Shopping Tips Cat treats can be a great addition to your feline’s daily routine. In addition to being something they’ll enjoy, treats can help broaden finicky feline palates, offer added nutrition, and give you a tool to call your cat out from hiding. Though feeding cats too many treats can make them obese, this won’t be a problem if you ...Read More
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09/21/2011 23:35:58 PM, by YPT 1948 views, Category: More pet holidays View All Blogs
Mark Your Calendar, Celebrate Fun Pet Holidays Celebrate your pet holidays with your pet! But did you know what pet holidays there are each year? Check this out: January 21 - Squirrel Appreciation Day Dogs and cats alike can’t resist chasing wiggly, fluffy-tailed squirrels. The way they run – and sometimes tease – they drive our pets crazy. While Squirrel Appreciation D...Read More
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09/17/2011 17:47:17 PM, by HAFowler 2898 views, Category: Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Special Care Cat Food Shopping Guide - Cat Food Varieties, Types and Buying Tips Felines can be finicky eaters to begin with, but when there are special requirements for their diet, finding the right food can be even more difficult. While your veterinarian can best tell you what your cat needs, and what they should and shouldn’t eat, that doesn’t mean you need to buy the expensive available at the vet’s off...Read More
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