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What Dog or Cat Food Should I Feed My Pet?

I used to recommend veterinary diets and certain brands of dog or cat food. Cats are way too finicky to put people through that much trauma. Some c...  Read More

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12/01/2010 20:54:35 PM, by Thespoilingone 6157 views, Category: Pet training and behavior View All Blogs
Litter Box Train Your Rats Rats are, for the most part, very clean animals and will litter box train in most cases.  The reason I say most cases, instead of all, is that there are always acceptions to the rule.  All rats have an individual personality and some are more stubborn than others.  With some patience on your part, it can be accomplished and is wel...Read More
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12/01/2010 20:45:21 PM, by Thespoilingone 5995 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
Safety Tips for Attending Pet Shows, Expos and Trade Shows In past years there has been much bad press in regards to attending shows, touching animals at shows, purchasing animals at show or taking animals to place at shows, I felt it time to shed some light on this from the view point of one that does attend regularly. In the state of Florida, in the year 2005 there were ...Read More
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12/01/2010 20:17:42 PM, by Thespoilingone 8527 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
How to Give a Rat a Bath Rats are naturally very clean animals. They bathe themselves even more frequently than cats. We really did give our ratties baths. And yes, most of the time, it does play out like the steps. Some rats love bath time and others dont like it at all.  Bath Time for 1 Rat 1) Get tap water in sink faucet nice and warm, then fill sink clo...Read More
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