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Game - Find The Hidden Pet

Being a pet lover can be full of ups and downs. Pets get sick just like humans. They also break bones and get hurt. Then there are all the ve...  Read More

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09/06/2010 09:24:55 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1481 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Fall Fun With Your Pet ~ Cooler Weather, Beautiful Colors, Pets Enjoy The Great Weather! Fall is close at hand - cooler weather at night, the sky is so blue and the color of the changing leaves makes for a beautiful background -- our pets, who along with us, have endured a long hot muggy summer are now feeling fresh and happy and ready to run and play -- Lets all enjoy this great pre-fall weather!   awwwww the cooler weathe...Read More
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09/05/2010 20:47:00 PM, by VictoriaS 1313 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Because Having Three Dog's Isn't Enough Because having three dogs is not enough, my boyfriend and I decided to take on a fourth dog for 10 days, a 20 lb. Cocker Spaniel named Bailey’s, yes after the liquor. Bailey’s is an only child, the princess in a household all her own, she never has to share, never has to wait for attention, and never h...Read More
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09/05/2010 05:15:56 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2007 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Labor Day ~ The Case For Taking Your Pets To Work It’s very clear that pets reduce stress and improve health. Many research studies show that pets lower blood pressure and lessen anxiety. So wouldn't it be natural that pets are making their way into offices and work sites around the country?  We do have a "Take Your Dog To Work Day" and maybe in the futur...Read More
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09/04/2010 14:14:42 PM, by queenzqoddess123 2084 views, Category: Celebrity pet gossip View All Blogs
my lover my dog i s really play full he likes to run . n she dont like ofter dogs nd my dog love watching teeveeRead More
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09/02/2010 16:22:42 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 3808 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
High Tech Pets ~ What a Life!! A high tech life style is commonplace in our daily lives.  Our pets may watch us on the cell phone, on the computer, using laptops, and accessing the world wide web - when we are not looking they might just start surfing on their own and making calls to their furry friends down the street!   If I am going to run this computer I think...Read More
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08/19/2010 17:00:44 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 4199 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Begging For A Treat ~ What Will Your Pet Do To Get Their Favorite Snack? I do not know to many people that do not give their pet a treat or special snack.  We may not encourage feeding and begging at the table, but if we do, we really cannot blame our pets for the training we are providing -- once you start giving table scraps, they learn very quickly that begging can and most likely will bring a tasty reward. ...Read More
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08/16/2010 17:13:48 PM, by pinkmilestone 2193 views, Category: Celebrity pet gossip View All Blogs
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Insufficent Funds for Pet People Everywhere... It seems hard to make a living and breed pets along the way.   People must adjust to the crazy lifestyle of owning that perfect car, or truck while vegging out in front of the TV, neglecting pets every where.   It seems the only way to make a living while living with a pet is becoming a celebrity with all the fame...Read More
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08/13/2010 17:51:55 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 8056 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Pet-Owner Look-A-Likes  ~  Who Is Your Pick For The Best/Funniest/Goofiest Look-A-Like Pet-Owner Look-A-Likes  ~  Who Is Your Pick For The Best, Funniest, Goofiest Look-A-Like?  Check out the following pictures of the wide variety of owners and their "matching" pets, or maybe it's the pets and their "matching" owners . . . . Place your vote for the best look-a-like in the comments below and see which one...Read More
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08/07/2010 16:38:05 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2940 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Summer Weddings ~ When Pets Attend It Brings More Joy To the Ceremony Wedding at any time of year can be so beautiful.  Summer weddings seem to have a wonderful feel, especially when some or all of the ceremony can be performed outside.  Bringing your pets to take part in the joining of hearts and households makes for an even more special day.   Pets are an integral part of our lives, and letting ...Read More
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08/07/2010 03:41:19 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 7111 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Betting The Cat & Dog Treats ~ Poker Pets ~ What Our Pets Are Doing When We Are Out! Our pets are getting together for boys and girls night out when we are our having fun or sleeping ~ Yes, that's right - we have a nation of Poker Pets playing big stakes for extra treats and cushy cushions!   Don't believe this can be happening right under your very own roof???  Lets read on and see that this Poker Pet epidemic may v...Read More
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07/31/2010 17:18:12 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 3485 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
The Dog (and Cat) Boys of Summer ~ Baseball Season Made For Pets! Baseball season is a national past-time and our pets are just as fascinated and in love with the sport as many of us are.  What self respecting Dog or Cat would not be first out on the field or first with a ball ready to play!    Following are a few pictures that catch some special dogs and cats who can proudly say they are the...Read More
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07/31/2010 16:15:37 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1642 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Pet Stress ~ What Pets Do To Reduce The Stressers Of Their Daily Lives Pets like people can feel the stress of daily life, including feeling and reacting to our stress.  People may have their own way to reduce stress as well as ways to get some relief from the effects of stress.    Pets can help show us the way to reduce our stress by what they do ~ Check out some of the best stress relieving ways...Read More
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07/27/2010 17:07:22 PM, by KapitN 1722 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Yeepet's Favorite iPhone Apps About Pets Apple’s utilitarian iPhone conquers every aspect of our lives via specialized miniature applications ( or “ Apps “ ), it logically follows that developers would cater to pet owners as well. Here are some pet-focused programs for the smart device that you might have missed... Pet Notebook is a cheap app that not only stores y...Read More
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07/23/2010 17:28:22 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 6589 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
The Circus Comes To Town ~ A Look At Circus Cat's & Dogs As Well As Those Pets That Dream The Big Top Dream Summer and the circus coming to town is a regular even no matter where I have lived. If you have been to a circus you have seen the circus dogs & cats (little kitty cat ones) that often help to entertain and amaze with their acts.  And every now and then a hamster act steals the show!   Following is a look at some circus dogs and cat...Read More
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07/23/2010 17:07:28 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 9163 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Summer Time and Camping Fun with Your Furry Friend We are deep into summer and many of us have already been or are planning to go camping -- let's not forget that our pets can and do camp with ease. They enjoy the time away from the normal routines just like we do.      Camping can be a great experience for both our cats and dogs - check ahead to be sure your camping...Read More
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07/17/2010 15:07:41 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 7643 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Dancing Pets ~ Moving, Twisting, Turning, Showing Their Joy!  Dogs, Cats, Birds, even Skunks - They All Do It! Pets are so lucky to live life to the fullest, not give a care if their hair is ruffled up, they have dirty paws, or their spots don't line up in just the right way.  Pets have an inner beauty that just shines through ~ Following are some shots of pets just enjoying life and dancing away to the tune of true joy and happiness -- Read on! &n...Read More
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07/15/2010 15:11:48 PM, by AnMcNary 1555 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Cat vs. Dog: An interview with Patches and Penny Having noticed certain differences between my cat and dog, I endeavored to discover these differences, ask each of them about them, and relate their answers to the reader.  Well, here goes:   How tall do you think you are? Penny:  stood up on hind legs (I'm really tall!) Patches:  rubbed up against my legs (I come up to h...Read More
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07/14/2010 16:35:23 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1786 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Pets At Work ~ A Hilarious Look At Pets Helping Us Do Our Household Chores Our pets love to be with us whether we are playing or working or just running around doing errands.  If they could you know that they would help with the household chores to give us a break and to give us more time to play with them!    Here are a few pictures of some pets that have broken the "cleanin...Read More
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07/12/2010 14:05:51 PM, by AnMcNary 1360 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Feline Flamenco Have you ever seen a cat dance? Some would say they dance always They sway to a beat They walk without a misstep   It's those missteps that are the dance Those awkward moments The moments they “pretend didn't happen” Those times they don't seem cat-like   Not falling on their feet is an art The best...Read More
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07/07/2010 15:13:06 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2009 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Bizarre or Artistic Pet Hair-Do's??? It Is A Fashion Disaster???  Is Bizarre Even The Right Word?? Pet grooming and artistic hair-do's for your pet have split into two different venues - While I see nothing wrong with good pet grooming and trimming and even a little bit over the top hair design for our favorite pets, some owners and pet beauticians seemingly have departed from all normal thought.   Check out the following pet hair-do's...Read More
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