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High Tech & High Style on the Pooper Home Front

Scooper poopers and litter boxes have come a long long way.  Now you can find the scooper or kitty pan pooper in high tech fashion.  If y...  Read More

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10/06/2010 19:38:47 PM, by KapitN 7295 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook, Pet green living, Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
TropiClean: An Organic Solution for Organic Dog Breath Foul dog breath isn't just unpleasant, but can hint at a large dental problem. If a dog has an unclean mouth, it can indicate poor dental health. Since a dog's teeth are so vital, they should be taken care of-- preferably in a fashion that the dog enjoys. Most canines do not respond well to being forced to stay still while having their teeth man...Read More
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10/06/2010 15:14:54 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 6923 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Pet green living View All Blogs
Katpak The Green Disposable and Bio-degradable Cat Litter Box   Katpak is a great green idea that any cat owner who takes their kitty with them in the car, on vacation, or to grandma's will want to check out and buy!   Katpak is new invention and the first of it's kind.  It is not only disposable, but is also 100% biodegradable ~ This is a green solution as well as a w...Read More
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10/04/2010 18:10:24 PM, by KapitN 3418 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook, Pet green living, Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Dog Bully Sticks: A Great Organic Treat With a Sultry Secret Bully sticks are a healthy dog treat with an unusual story. They are an all-natural chew-toy designed to promote dental health. They help control tartar buildup, are low in fat, and taste great for dogs. They are also long-lasting, with reports of bully sticks lasting dogs for weeks. This in no way changes the fact that they are made from bul...Read More
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10/03/2010 06:23:07 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 5481 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Pet green living View All Blogs
Green Cat Litter ~ Choose The Products That Are Better For Our Planet Green Cat Litter ~ Choose The Products That Are Better For Our Planet       The choice to use green or all natural cat litter is important to our planet's health as well as the health of our furry friends.  Green cat litters provide alternatives to common materials that ...Read More
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09/28/2010 19:53:38 PM, by MsLucky 2183 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Green Pet 101 - Difference Between Natural, Organic, Eco- Friendly, and Holistic? When you go shopping for food, pet products, clothing, and other items, you often see the words natural, organic, eco-friendly, and holistic thrown around in attempt to get you to buy them. But what do they mean and how do you determine what’s best for you? Next time you go shopping, you can know exactly what they mean with these helpful...Read More
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09/05/2010 21:57:03 PM, by pinkmilestone 1329 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Gardening & Romping SUMMER FUN:   Weather it is watering, trimming, clipping, planting, racking, shoveling, or weeding, Harley is right by my side observing these skillful tasks.    My favorite time of day is gardening and having Harley there admiring is just the more fun.    When watering the vegetable garden Harley rest next to the ...Read More
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08/18/2010 13:15:58 PM, by hamzadavis 1516 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
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The Benefits Of A Raw Food Dogs Diet? Do You Know The Benefits Of A Raw Food Dogs Diet? Dogs are more then just darlings of your family.  They like to play and eat up.  What is a dog that doesn't like to get into a little bit of mischief every now and then?  To many of my friends they are like their children.  Like youngsters, sustenance is very essential to y...Read More
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08/13/2010 13:34:10 PM, by MsLucky 3929 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
How Melatonin Can Help Reduce Dog Stress Is your dog stressed out? Well, there is a great product you can use that will help reduce your dogs stress level and its called melatonin. It is a great alternative to traditional medication because it is natural- it relieves dog stress like St Johns Wart will reduce depression in humans. You can use Melatonin for many specific stress relate...Read More
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07/27/2010 09:21:20 AM, by LuckyGirl 1811 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook, Pet training and behavior View All Blogs
Holistic and Behavioral Treatment of Anxiety in Our City Dog My interest to find holistic, or at least non prescriptive, solutions for anxiety treatment in city dogs stems from my general belief in limiting drugs in my own system whenever possible. Of course with an abstract ailment like anxiety caused from chemical imbalance, the challenge to find a holistic approach can be difficult, in dogs and in huma...Read More
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07/19/2010 12:57:09 PM, by fairfieldvet 1785 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Holistic Veterinary Medicine For many pet owners, the mention of holistic medicine conjures up images of incense-filled rooms with baskets of herbs and a multitude of candles. But, increasing numbers of pet owners actually seek out veterinarians who incorporate alternative or complementary therapies in their practice. Is there science to support their beliefs?  ...Read More
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06/15/2010 13:18:56 PM, by MsLucky 1556 views, Category: Pet green living, Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
How to Compare Green Cat Litters- Pros and Cons There has been a big trend in going ‘green’ recently. That’s because, for many people, they are concerned about the long- term impact that humans have on the environment and the ozone layer. Going green also means other things for other people that don‘t necessarily buy into global warming, like being able to sustai...Read More
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06/08/2010 23:40:35 PM, by luv4pets 1611 views, Category: Pet green living, Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
Study Shows Common Birds Pass On Organic Seed The nutritional benefits of organic food have been called into question by new research which shows wild garden birds prefer conventional seed to that which has been organically- grown.     A three-year study by Newcastle University has found that wild birds are not swayed by the organic label, but instead prefer the more prote...Read More
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06/06/2010 17:07:45 PM, by KapitN 1544 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
The Holistic Cat by Jennifer Coscia: A New Guide to Cat Care e Holistic Cat, written by Jennifer Coscia, offers advice on natural cat care. The author, experienced both as a nutritionist and head of an animal rescue organization, gives helpful tips on a wide range of topics. A reader will find advice on veterinarians, medicines, illnesses, travel arrangements, and potential hazards. They will learn about...Read More
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05/20/2010 17:18:06 PM, by KapitN 1929 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Commercial vs. Organic Pet Foods: the Pros and Cons of Both and Neither The organic food movement has been extremely successful in selling food for animals as well as their owners, and the market research firm Packaged Facts found that the market has doubled in size over the past five years to 1.5 billion dollars. It’s not hard to see why holistic pet foods have become popular-- people love their pets. They o...Read More
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05/18/2010 10:08:54 AM, by MsLucky 1375 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Natural Remedies For Your Pet Is your dog suffering from some ailment? Thankfully, there are plenty of natural green treatments and remedies you can use. The best part is that you can use these products for everyday issues (or problems you might encounter) without having to rely so heavily on prescriptions and medications. Go ahead! Try these everyday products out and se...Read More
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05/10/2010 17:45:08 PM, by MsLucky 5130 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Green, Fresh Water for Your Pet Drinking clean, healthy water is important for all dog’s health. That’s because access to clean water is vital for all living things- dogs being no exception. Not surprising, considering a dog’s body is at least 70% water. All that water does a lot of important things for dogs, like: flushing out waste, carrying nutrients t...Read More
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04/30/2010 18:10:28 PM, by MsLucky 1754 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Five Tips to Green Pet’s Parenting As cute as it may be, what do you think of the baby drinking the water out of the dog bowl in the picture? What if you had to drink out of your dog’s water bowl? Your probably thinking…EWWW!! Is that safe? Or is it even hygienic? While, admittedly, most dogs eat and drink anything- even water from the toilet, you may need to be...Read More
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04/29/2010 15:17:34 PM, by MsLucky 1206 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Green Food Tips for Your Dog Putting your dog on a ‘green’ diet is simpler than you might think. A green dog diet can consist of foods that you eat on a regular basis, or already have in your refrigerator. The first primary ingredient that should be put in a dog’s diet is meat. Most meat doesn’t have to be cooked (except fish), but it does have to...Read More
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04/28/2010 18:09:55 PM, by KapitN 1541 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Exterminating Mice, The Green Way As much as people may love animals, mice-- more specifically, unwanted house mice-- are difficult to abide. Not only is having wild rodents running through your house an uncomfortable prospect, but such vermin can cause damage to the household and leave diseases. On the other hand, methods of extermination can be hazardous to the environmens, be...Read More
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04/24/2010 21:28:11 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1382 views, Category: Pet green living, Petivities View All Blogs
8 Things You Can Do On Earth Day With Your Pet There are many ways to celebrate Earth Day or to become more green this year with your pet. All types of pets are able to celebrate the Earth with their owners. Here are some ideas to get you started: 1. Switch to biodegradable waste pickup bags . 2. Pick up trash on walks. 3. Use organic kitty litter. 4. Choose natural or safe recyc...Read More
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