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Environmentally and Pet Safe Cleaning Products

All-natural, non-toxic cleaning products are environmentally friendly, as they are free of the harmful chemicals found in other big brand c...  Read More

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04/14/2010 07:34:38 AM, by unettf 2205 views, Category: Pet green living, Pet shopping guides, Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips View All Blogs
Natural Flea And Tick Remedy~Bath Salts! Carefully blended for your pet's sensitive skin, bath salts can be relaxing, aid in promoting circulation and help to soothe aching muscles and joints. Think of how ...Read More
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04/13/2010 10:28:25 AM, by Dr.Greg 1296 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Organic Dog Food Recipe Contest   What is organic food and what makes it better and more expensive? Organic foods are grown without the “benefit” of pesticides and weed control chemicals This makes the crop or animal more costly to produce It takes more labor to wage war on bugs and weeds without long-lasting chemicals For ...Read More
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04/10/2010 17:36:23 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2023 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Nine Green Pet Products You Must Have For Your Cat And Dog Deciding to go green is a great choice, but it can be difficult to figure out how to do it. Just because a package says natural or organic does not necessarily mean it is the greenest choice. Here are nine products to help you get started living green with your pet. They cover everything from play to grooming and even exercise.  ...Read More
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04/06/2010 12:40:45 PM, by MsLucky 1340 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Ways to Green Your Pet in The Spring Since cats and dogs typically have the carbon footprint of vehicles, being an environmentally conscious pet owner is important. And the best part? Any pet owner can learn how to be ‘green’. Growing up, my parents were always conscious about the environment and doing things more naturally- way before it was the ‘in‘ th...Read More
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03/29/2010 15:19:38 PM, by MsLucky 1227 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Home Made Pet Food You Can Eat Too Making dog food (that you can eat too!!)  is a great way to start out in the quest for organic food consumption. Try out these simple dishes that are sure to please. Chicken and Fruit Mix Ingredients: 2 cups diced and cooked chicken 1 can of drained and cut peaches 2 sticks of celery ½ cup parsley or other herbs ½ c...Read More
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03/25/2010 14:54:25 PM, by unettf 1991 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
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New Book for Holistic Dog Diet Mark Poveromo, founder and owner of the holistic pet food retailer, Thomaston Feed, believes nutrition is the foundation of a dog's health. In his new book, To Your Dog's Health!  Canine Nutrition and Recent Trends Within the Pet Food Industry, he explains how a holistic diet does not negate the importance of vet visits, but it keeps them t...Read More
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03/22/2010 15:28:41 PM, by waggys 1368 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Organic, Eco Friendly, Green - What do they really mean? These days there are so many terms for natural, organic, holistic and so on and so on.  But exactly what do these terms really mean?  How organic is organic??  Often companies use these terms very loosely to get you to buy their products, however are they being truthful?   We all want to keep the planet green to live as...Read More
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03/18/2010 13:43:09 PM, by unettf 1315 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Green Living with Your Pet Pets are big business here in the United States - according to the Humane Society there were over 77 million owned dogs and over 93 million owned cats, and people spent over $40 billion on them (and other pets) in 2009 alone, on things from food to waste disposal, from medical care to toys and bedding. So, how do you make sure that your pe...Read More
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03/18/2010 10:59:50 AM, by MsLucky 4201 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
DIY Project - Holistic Flea Shampoo As embarrassing as it is, I have to admit that I had lice once growing up. I got it from my younger sister, who had gone to summer camp that year. Being young and carefree, I thought, ‘there’s no way I’m getting THAT!!’ Much to my dissatisfaction, I was noticing I was scratching my head just a day or two afterward...Read More
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03/17/2010 09:51:01 AM, by waggys 1750 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Alternative Treatments for your Pets - Can you say OOOMMM In my recent travels through social media, especially in the LinkedIn groups, I have become aware of alternative treatments for animals.  I was familiar with Canine Massage, but not some of the other natural therapies. We were having a discussion in one of my groups about whether or not they actually work.  Many of the practi...Read More
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02/24/2010 11:55:49 AM, by trishmacqueen 1454 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Holistic Home Care for Pets Holistic care for your pet involves focusing on wellness by treating the whole animal using minimally invasive treatments and cures.  Holistic treatments provide an alternative approach to health care for your pets, and that includes pets that have special needs.  So, the best time to seek Holistic care is the day you bring your pet ho...Read More
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02/09/2010 16:35:02 PM, by daisyd 1663 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Avoid Harmful Ingredients in Pet Food by Serving Organic Instead There are a lot of potentially harmful ingredients that can be found in regular pet food.  Look carefully at the ingredients of the lower quality pet foods and you'll see the potential hazards.  Organic food is the best choice because it contains the highest quality and healthiest ingredients and a quick comparison will show you the di...Read More
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01/29/2010 17:25:54 PM, by daisyd 2740 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Ten Tips to Become a Green Pet Owner It's important to take care of the Earth and pet owners are no exception to the rule! 1.  Adopt your pet from a shelter. There are already more pets than we have homes for.  So pick your pet from a shelter rather than from a breeder or pet store. 2.  Make a commitment to owning your pet. Understand that pets are a lon...Read More
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01/25/2010 16:02:26 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 6511 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
High Tech & High Style on the Pooper Home Front Scooper poopers and litter boxes have come a long long way.  Now you can find the scooper or kitty pan pooper in high tech fashion.  If you have not checked out the latest in green and high tech products that all deal with pet poop disposal, well then it's high time to make yourself aware of what is new, what is hip, and what might be ...Read More
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01/20/2010 21:11:12 PM, by daisyd 1820 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Natural Alternatives to Harsh Medical Treatments for Pets Surgery is a big decision for humans and pets alike.  You want your pet to be healthy, but you know that having them undergo surgery will cause a great deal of pain and stress.  During the recovery time, your pet will be tired and frustrated and so will you.  You don't want your pet to remain in pain now though, so try some natura...Read More
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01/15/2010 11:57:32 AM, by MsLucky 1621 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
How to Pick the Right Organic Dog Food With the economy slowly recovering, it is tempting to buy the cheapest, or at least the most cost- effective, brand of dog food out there. However, if you happen to buy the wrong kind of dog food, your dog’s long term health may be at risk- possibly costing you a lot of money in the long run on vet bills. Getting high quality organic do...Read More
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01/08/2010 12:38:37 PM, by MsLucky 1562 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Feng Shui for Your Pet  What is Feng Shui, anyways? If you don’t know what it is, Feng Shui is all about the flow of energy and positive thinking. You have certain ‘energy areas’ that correspond with different parts of your life, like relationships and career. These energy areas also are associated with color. Tips for Feng Shui with your pet: ...Read More
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01/06/2010 11:35:01 AM, by K.T.Riffic 1644 views, Category: Pet holistic handbook View All Blogs
Veterinary Acupuncture Ever wonder about acupuncture? Are you wondering why there is a blog post all about it on a pet related website? Well, to answer both questions, acupuncture requests and practices for all sorts of animals have significantly increased over the past couple of decades.     What is Acupuncture   Acupuncture, in the simplest...Read More
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12/31/2009 18:40:21 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1668 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Natural Shampoos For Cats And Dogs Looking to save some money by grooming your pet at home? Well, you are not alone. Although spending on pet grooming and board was estimated to increase year over year from 2008 to 2009, the increase was small and mostly had to do with increasing costs.     More options are now available to pet parents who want to try taking care of ...Read More
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12/18/2009 14:20:51 PM, by MsLucky 2039 views, Category: Pet green living View All Blogs
Feline Pine, does it work? I am very conscious about my environmental footprint that I leave behind and try to be as green as possible. While I wouldn’t go as far as saying I am a ‘freegan‘ (dumpster diving just doesn‘t appeal to me), I make sure that I put some effort into making the earth a better place for the next generation. I started sea...Read More
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