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The Bizarre Origins of Raining Cats and Dogs

Like many phrases evoking animals, “raining cats and dogs” has been used so commonly that its origins are taken for granted. And tho...  Read More

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10/03/2015 01:54:54 AM, by atulpandey0021 40 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
 Get Suitable Packers and Movers Agency for Easy   New house purchase is usually a really frenzied method that makes people worn out each literally as well as in your mind. It truly is zero exciting or even little one's activity to be able to move each of the household things from destination to another in the event of just about any career transfer associated with moving of dwelling...Read More
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09/27/2015 13:41:21 PM, by fast5thin 59 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
How to Get Household Relocating Quick Household new house purchase just isn't an enjoyable chore. This can be a time-consuming as well as difficult technique of relocating or even changing house from spot or perhaps metropolis to another that may annoy you in a harmful way. It could be the most nerve-racking as well as challenging responsibilities of this lifetime. It could pres...Read More
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09/27/2015 13:38:12 PM, by fast5thin 184 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
The Way to Find Reputable and Knowledgeable Packers & Movers for Tension-free Relocation   It can be however apparent that will selecting solutions regarding expert packers as well as movers will provide you with tension-free move encounter as a consequence of all of your responsibilities linked to separation method will be carried out flawlessly along with correctly by means of professional professionals. Nevertheless selecti...Read More
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06/03/2015 21:08:22 PM, by HungryArtist 225 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
What should I name my new dog? Picking up a rescue who's last owners named "Killer". This dog is so sweet and timid, the name makes no sense at all. So many choices on sites like it's overwhelming. Any suggestions? Read More
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11/18/2014 17:43:51 PM, by richguinea 611 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Why Guinea Pigs Make Great Pets For many years now, guinea pigs have become wildly popular and still increasingly popular as new breeds become more domesticated. In fact, you probably owned or know someone that has currently or previously owned a guinea pig themselves. There’s a reason why so many people take up raising these animals and why they have become favorites in...Read More
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11/14/2014 19:50:19 PM, by richguinea 584 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
What Makes Bearded Dragons Great When it comes to selecting a pet, there is undoubtedly a wide variety of species to choose from. Not only are there different categories like dogs, reptiles, fish, or small mammals, but within those categories there are even more to choose from. That being said, I am a proud owner of a bearded dragon and believe they are great pets to raise for ...Read More
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11/06/2014 17:35:45 PM, by richguinea 451 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Hello Pet Lovers! This is the first of many blog entries for me! I currently own 2 guinea pigs, a corgi and a bearded dragon. I'll be sharing related blog posts about them, so stay tuned!Read More
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03/27/2014 06:50:10 AM, by RichardBinder 652 views, Category: Pet laws and regulations View All Blogs
Is Your Child Really Ready for Puppy Love? Let me begin with some numbers that may change quite a few perceptions we have about dogs and kids. They make great playmates. Yes they do. A child can learn so much from a dog. Yes it can. But did you know that a study conducted by American People conducted that 76% of dog bites by some of the most ferocious breeds of dogs were directed towa...Read More
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07/18/2013 06:44:49 AM, by GoGoDogPals 18180 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Go-Go Dog Pals in Telegraph's Pictures of The Day A rottweiler chases a Go-Go Dog Pals remote controlled toy in California. Go-Go Dog Pals crafted the toy look like animals such as squirrels, rabbits, turtles, and porcupines. This remote control interactive dog toy can power along grass, gravel, dirt and concrete at 22mph, encouraging dogs to chase the device, giving them all the exercise the...Read More
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02/19/2013 22:08:47 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2901 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet technology and gadgets, Pet stuff to chew on View All Blogs
Keep Your Cat Warm This Winter With K&H And Yeepet Does your cat cuddle up with the base heater or radiator? Cats do love to keep warm and tend to find the hottest place in the room to take a nap. Give your cat a warm safe place in a stylish way. The K&H heated cat products are sure to be the perfect combination of heat, comfort, and style that you and your cat will love. The Kitt...Read More
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02/11/2013 20:29:47 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1135 views, Category: Pets in news, Pet rescue View All Blogs
Meet Piper Stone, Painter Meet Piper Stone. She is a one eyed bulldog who suffers from a limp, hip dysplasia, and arthritis, but she does not let any of that get her down. She spends most of her time painting with her human mother, Jessica Stone. Jessica, who is also an abstract painter and a photographer, wanted a dog that would need some extra attention and patienc...Read More
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01/31/2013 22:34:00 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1446 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet play and fitness, Pets in news, Pet rescue, More pet holidays View All Blogs
Puppy Bowl IX - This Super Bowl Sunday Will you be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? How about the Puppy Bowl? Even if you only switch over to the Puppy Bowl during the pregame show commercials, it is worth it. Details The Puppy Bowl will air for the ninth consecutive year this Sunday from 3pm-5pm ET on Animal Planet. What is the Puppy Bowl? The Puppy Bowl is Animal Pla...Read More
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01/22/2013 21:59:43 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2775 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet training and behavior, Pet thoughts, Pet rescue View All Blogs
Consider A Rescue For Your Next Dog Are you ready to bring a new pet into your home? Are you considering a rescue? Rescued dogs tend to make excellent pets. They typically have been through some bad experiences but thrive on love and good companionship. Rescue dogs are typically loyal, loving, happy, and grateful, all of which add up to a great pet. Not to mention, giving ...Read More
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01/17/2013 20:41:56 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1349 views, Category: Pet pack life, Petivities, Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Some Fun Facts Even Dog Lovers Don't Know Dogs are wonderful and curious creatures. From the dawning of civilization, man and dog have survived and thrived together. That does not mean they fully understand each other, though. There are a great deal of interesting facts about dogs. How many facts that are on this list did you already know? 1. Dogs have sweat glands between their ...Read More
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01/14/2013 21:24:12 PM, by whirlydogsupplies 874 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
working on making dog pajamas i had a customer ask if i could get some lightweight fabric to make summer dog pajamas, we found some adorable cotton stretch material today at the fabric store... wow, here in oregon winter is upon us, hard (but nice) to start thinking about summertime. :) watch for the new pajamas coming soon at Whirly Dog Supplies - http://www.whirlydogsuppl...Read More
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11/02/2012 08:56:15 AM, by petsitting 1150 views, Category: Pet laws and regulations View All Blogs
Tips to look out for when you hire a pet sitter When we need somebody to take care of our pet, at such a time a pet sitter is our best choice. Here are five tips that are going to help you hire the right pet sitter for your pet Search for the pet sitter There are many people who are into the business of pet sitting so finding pet sitters is not as hard as you might think. There ar...Read More
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10/27/2012 22:01:14 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2696 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet training and behavior, Pets in news View All Blogs
Kissing Your Dog Could Give You Gum Disease - According To One Study Do you kiss your dog with that mouth? If you do, you might have gum disease. There have been a number of articles popping up all over the Internet lately about a study that was done that suggested a human can get gum disease from kissing a dog on the mouth. One study shows According to the study done in Japan, if you kiss your dog on th...Read More
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10/15/2012 22:33:50 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1568 views, Category: Celebrity pet gossip, Pet thoughts, Pets in news View All Blogs
Frankenweenie - A Movie Review It is the perfect love story between a boy and his dog. When Victor, a likeable ten year old boy living in the town of New Holland (where everyone has a pet), loses his beloved dog Sparky in a car accident, he turns to science to bring him back to life. The Plot Rundown Victor’s father, Mr. Frankenstein, wants very badly for his son t...Read More
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10/15/2012 08:01:02 AM, by petsitting 1000 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on View All Blogs
Cat Sitters can now substitute your neighbors and friends. There are days when you have sudden business meetings and there is no chance for you to take your cat along no matter how well trained she/he is. You can always go with cat sitter who is professional pet sitters with sufficient training and genuine love for pets in their hearts. With a cat sitter, your cat is in safe hands. If you were thinki...Read More
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10/12/2012 08:17:05 AM, by petsitting 1177 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Make the best use of your new dog sitter for your dog Well dogs are the most faithful animals found around. No matter how much you try and keep them happy, they would always expect you to be around all the time. And in this fast moving world, this is highly impossible for you to spend enough time with your dog. If you have retired from your job, you can spend enough time with them but right now ...Read More
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