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Plan A Staycation With Your Dog This Weekend

When you are short on cash but want to fill your weekend with some fun, plan a staycation. What is a staycation, you ask? A staycation is a vac...  Read More

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06/23/2014 06:18:46 AM, by millierainer 1438 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Why Fake Lawns Are a Better Option for Pet owners? image source Pets will be pets. They will love you and exasperate you. They will obey you and drive you up the wall by disobeying you. They will stick by you at one time and run off the leash the other.  But you know that you cannot imagine your life without your furry kids. Most pets love the outdoors and spend a lot o...Read More
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10/28/2013 08:26:13 AM, by Peticub 1577 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet toys and treats , Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Perfect and best diet for obese dogs One of the fastest growing health problems in dogs is obesity. There are quite a few reasons for pet obesity. The most important reasons for obesity in pets are over eating and lack of physical exercise. Your pet is possibly overweight because of YOU! With that said, there are several other reasons and it includes: ·   ...Read More
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01/31/2013 22:34:00 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1674 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet play and fitness, Pets in news, Pet rescue, More pet holidays View All Blogs
Puppy Bowl IX - This Super Bowl Sunday Will you be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? How about the Puppy Bowl? Even if you only switch over to the Puppy Bowl during the pregame show commercials, it is worth it. Details The Puppy Bowl will air for the ninth consecutive year this Sunday from 3pm-5pm ET on Animal Planet. What is the Puppy Bowl? The Puppy Bowl is Animal Pla...Read More
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01/15/2013 09:15:37 AM, by petlover13 1170 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Keeping Your Dog Fit and Healthy Just like any you and I, your dog can gain unhealthy levels of weight and suffer from low energy levels due to being too inactive, especially in the winter. There are ways, however, to combat this with a few simple exercises and everyday physical activities for your dog. Some of these will even work great for older dogs who aren't used to fr...Read More
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07/31/2012 18:15:19 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2307 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets, Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Paint For Cats - The iPad Game Just For Cats Thought your cat was entertained by that piece of string? Then you have not put an iPad in front of him. Turn on a fun game app and watch your cat have a ball or check out any of the videos online to see just how much fun a cat can have with an iPad. It is clear from the hundreds of YouTube videos that cats dig iPads. That is what caught cre...Read More
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07/10/2012 03:14:50 AM, by petsitting 1394 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Time to make your kitty happy with a cat sitter! Cats are indeed unique animals that deserve special attention. They are too sensitive and adorable. And this is why, it’s necessary to hire a cat sitter who can take good take care of your cat. Since pets love being in their home environment, a cat sitter is surely the best option for your cat.  With a cat sitter, you can give your...Read More
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06/28/2012 20:57:40 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2838 views, Category: Pet pack life, Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Hottest Summer Dog Trends 2012 Hopefully you are out and about with your dog this summer, enjoying the sun. If you are looking for activities and your dog can partake in together, read Activities For You And Your Dog This Summer or Oh The Places You Can Go With Your Dog This Summer! Now that you know where to go or what to do with your dog, make sure you do it in style! D...Read More
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11/22/2011 12:31:48 PM, by Jade07 1804 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Cat Agility Tournaments Bring Felines Into the Sports World   Watch out, Westminster Dog Show, Cat Agility Tournaments have come to town. International Cat Agility Tournaments (ICAT for short) were modeled after dog agility shows, which imitated equestrian shows. Both dog and cat agility shows have gained popularity among dedicated animal aficionados, but most causal pet owners aren’t fa...Read More
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07/30/2011 18:30:04 PM, by K.T.Riffic 5775 views, Category: Pet travel, Pet green living, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Mushers Secret - Natural Paw Protection Did you know that dogs paws can actually be burnt by hot sidewalks and pavement? It’s true. So, not only do dog owners have to worry about dehydration and heat exhaustion in their dogs during the summer, they also have to worry about paws being burned. Lack of Warning Signs Dogs do not sweat like humans. They cool off by evap...Read More
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07/11/2011 16:42:47 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2904 views, Category: Pet pack life, Petivities, Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet thoughts, Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Kitty Crazy If you like kitties, you'll love checking out these "kitty crazies."  It's a fun look at some of the antics and trouble that our kitties get themselves into.Read More
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04/20/2011 10:15:10 AM, by Merrill 1576 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Rhobo’s Birthday Party Rhobo was a Welsh terrier. His first home was with three young boys. He had no discipline and destroyed their house, thus his name. When he was nine months old, he went to another home that lasted his life of sixteen years. He had his new master’s number and ruled the roost for about one month then they went to obedience training and go...Read More
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04/12/2011 19:38:00 PM, by KapitN 4823 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Cat Fitness 101 Just like human beings, cats need regular physical exercise to maintain health in both body and mind. However, while dogs can simply be taken for walks or sessions of ball-chasing, most cats tend to prefer their own structures. Here are some ways to introduce fitness to your feline's lazy lifestyle. Take at least fifteen minutes out of yo...Read More
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01/30/2011 06:34:05 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1722 views, Category: Pet play and fitness, Petivities, Pet secrets for humans View All Blogs
Top Tips For Taking Great Pet Pictures #1 Avoiding Yellow-Green or Red Eyes:  When you use flash to take your pictures you often get a picture where your pet's eyes come out yellow-green, or red.  This change of color which can ruin your picture is from the flash light reflecting off the back of your pet's eye.  Whenever you can use natural light to take your pet's p...Read More
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01/29/2011 10:23:55 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1641 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Petivities, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
5 Ways To Protect Your Pets' Paws #1 Prevention For Paws Many paw injuries can be prevented with just a little extra care and planning. Do a pre-check in new areas before letting your pet run and play.  Check areas for any pet hazards like sharp objects and broken glass that may have been left laying around.  Look for any chemicals or toxic liquids that could cause ...Read More
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01/09/2011 03:32:17 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1615 views, Category: Pet play and fitness, Pet travel, Petivities View All Blogs
Top 5 Vacation Spots For You And Your Pet The holidays are over and spring is in the not too distant future.  Summer will not be far behind spring - yes this year which has just begun will be flying by in no time and vacations are already being planned across the country. Where will you go this year? Will you be taking Fido or Kitty-Loo?  Do you wonder where you could go an...Read More
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12/30/2010 15:18:59 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2162 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on, Pet pack life, Pet play and fitness, Petivities, Pet thoughts, Pet holidays: New Year View All Blogs
Top Ten New Years Resolutions for Pets It is that time of year once again. Yes, New Year is here. 2011 to be exact.  And what do we do when New Year's rolls around?  We make resolutions - some we keep, most we do not.  Some we wish he had kept when the next New Year comes around.  But what about your pets?  They really do not understand the whole concept of...Read More
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12/29/2010 11:34:59 AM, by KapitN 1491 views, Category: Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Hunting Games For Feline Bodies AND Minds Despite their odd and goofy habits, housecats are extremely intelligent creatures with an insatiable curiosity. So when you play with them, you can make sure you exercise  not only their bodies, but their minds. Games that involve tracking by memory as well as smell can be especially effective. One game that can work is the classic shell...Read More
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12/11/2010 14:22:41 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1627 views, Category: Pet travel, Petivities, Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet play and fitness, Pet holidays: Christmas View All Blogs
Pets On A Ski Trip Holiday Ski slopes are open and booming right now and they will be especially busy during the holiday season coming up - check out the pet friendly ski slopes near you and take your furry friend along for extra fun! Dogs, cats, and even our furry little friends love to romp and play in the snow.  Take precautions to protect them from the freezin...Read More
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11/06/2010 08:05:29 AM, by gradye 5857 views, Category: Pet play and fitness, Pet toys and treats  View All Blogs
Use Cat Houses to Keep your Kitty Active Just like you, your cat needs regular exercise.  You know your cat needs to lose a few pounds. Or maybe your are unsure if she is at a healthy weight. In this case, we like Catty Stacks cat houses. Retailed at $17.99, Catty Stacks cat houses can help your cat maintain a healthy weight and have fun while doing it.   Why Do C...Read More
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10/19/2010 13:08:15 PM, by KapitN 4080 views, Category: Pet green living, Pet play and fitness View All Blogs
Build a Cat Playhouse, Cheap and Green Just because people spend millions upon millions on toys and playsets for cats doesn't mean they have to. A cat can have just as much fun with a cheap arrangement of recycled materials as they can with a hundred-dollar custom playhouse. All they need is a convincingly diverse setup to explore. The best material with which to build your own ca...Read More
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