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Doggy Heaven: Eulogize Pets In Cyberspace

Losing a pet is always painful, and the mourning period is never short or easy. In order to cope, most people try to find ways to memorialize their...  Read More

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11/13/2015 05:31:53 AM, by abcdd12 108 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs @ Get Packers and Movers in Gurgaon packers and movers in gurgaon  movers and packers pune    Make your current Shift Stress-Free with Licensed Movers and Packers Pune     You’re a style of property going, going property compiled in one regarding recognize to a single additional with plenty of around shut relations elements, isn’t often b...Read More
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11/07/2015 06:19:56 AM, by rajveer 57 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
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11/07/2015 06:19:47 AM, by rajveer 24 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Packers Delhi Charges @ Thanks for all your information:- Packers and Movers Delhi Movers and Packers in Delhi   Move your personal garments to be able to summary these folks outstanding when compared with collapsing these folks. Promoted extras area in addition method possibly you have the capability to get more items inside of the equivalent area and also lo...Read More
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09/27/2015 13:41:21 PM, by fast5thin 59 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
How to Get Household Relocating Quick Household new house purchase just isn't an enjoyable chore. This can be a time-consuming as well as difficult technique of relocating or even changing house from spot or perhaps metropolis to another that may annoy you in a harmful way. It could be the most nerve-racking as well as challenging responsibilities of this lifetime. It could pres...Read More
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02/11/2013 20:29:47 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1135 views, Category: Pets in news, Pet rescue View All Blogs
Meet Piper Stone, Painter Meet Piper Stone. She is a one eyed bulldog who suffers from a limp, hip dysplasia, and arthritis, but she does not let any of that get her down. She spends most of her time painting with her human mother, Jessica Stone. Jessica, who is also an abstract painter and a photographer, wanted a dog that would need some extra attention and patienc...Read More
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01/31/2013 22:34:00 PM, by K.T.Riffic 1446 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet play and fitness, Pets in news, Pet rescue, More pet holidays View All Blogs
Puppy Bowl IX - This Super Bowl Sunday Will you be watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? How about the Puppy Bowl? Even if you only switch over to the Puppy Bowl during the pregame show commercials, it is worth it. Details The Puppy Bowl will air for the ninth consecutive year this Sunday from 3pm-5pm ET on Animal Planet. What is the Puppy Bowl? The Puppy Bowl is Animal Pla...Read More
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01/22/2013 21:59:43 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2774 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet training and behavior, Pet thoughts, Pet rescue View All Blogs
Consider A Rescue For Your Next Dog Are you ready to bring a new pet into your home? Are you considering a rescue? Rescued dogs tend to make excellent pets. They typically have been through some bad experiences but thrive on love and good companionship. Rescue dogs are typically loyal, loving, happy, and grateful, all of which add up to a great pet. Not to mention, giving ...Read More
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09/13/2012 22:06:07 PM, by Anita 1667 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Dark Hole Went for a walk, The park behind our home is a dog friendly park. Pretty safe, I often am allowed off my leash. I like to socialize with the others, I meet some really cool dogs and their owners are very nice. Until Monday late afternoon, New dog in the neighbourhood; Turbo is his name he's a really mean pitbull. While we went to the park,...Read More
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09/09/2012 14:31:27 PM, by K.T.Riffic 2449 views, Category: Pet pack life, Purrfect pet health and beauty tips, Pet rescue, Pet stuff to chew on View All Blogs
In Case Of Emergency: Know What To Do It has been a number of years since the disaster, but the message still remains. Hurricane Katrina taught us all a lesson about how important it is to prepare for the worst case scenario with our pets. When disaster strikes, you need to be able to jump into action and do what needs to be done for you, your family, and your pets. No longer ar...Read More
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08/31/2012 09:25:50 AM, by petsitting 4670 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Pet Boarding Provides Your Dog With A Safe Place To Stay Regardless of how much you love your family dog, there will be a time when you have to leave him behind when you go away on vacation.  There are places where pets are not allowed and Fido will have to stay at home.  When this is the case, pet boarding is the right option. Before deciding on which pet boarding facility is suitabl...Read More
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06/19/2012 08:58:22 AM, by petsitting 1511 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Find the simplest Doggie Daycare Pets are pretty friends that don’t expect something aside from love and care from their homeowners in come back. They’re loyal and sincere to their members of the family. For dog homeowners, one straightforward thanks to show your pup what quantity you care concerning them is to enroll them in doggie daycare. Doggie daycare provid...Read More
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06/14/2012 01:32:48 AM, by petsitting 1613 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Pet Sitting - You’re Best various There is a reason why such a lot importance is placed on pet sitters, as they're those that are planning to aid you in some time off want. If you have got a pet and you're ready to beware of it day in and day trip, seven days per week and 12 months a year, your pet is actually lucky. In case you're unable to try and do thus, there...Read More
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05/02/2012 06:18:25 AM, by petsitting 1466 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Why a Pet Sitter Is Essential For Your Pet Do you postpone your journey because of your lovable pet and not wanting to leave him/her alone?  If so, then pet sitting services can help you to take care of your pet and free up your schedule.  You undoubtedly give much care and love to your pet on a daily basis and want to ensure that your pet is well cared for so you have to se...Read More
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02/17/2012 04:42:29 AM, by petsitting 1499 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Your Cat and The Cat Sitter So, you are off to the sun and beach to beat the winter cold.  But, what about your cat?  How long are you going to be depending on your family and friends to take care of your precious kitty?  They might not be available every time you require a friend to take care of your cat or they might not do a good job of taking care of ...Read More
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12/20/2011 12:05:15 PM, by HAFowler 2356 views, Category: Pet rescue, Pet holidays: Christmas View All Blogs
7 Easy and Free Ways to Support Animal Adoption this Holiday Season! Give the Gift of Hope, Even When Times Are Hard This time of year brings out the best in us – the goodwill and happiness, the joy of giving, and the desire to share the blessings we enjoy with those who may not be so fortunate. The holiday season is the number one time of year for charity and giving love and warmth to those who have no ...Read More
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11/28/2011 06:18:01 AM, by petsitting 1474 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
Pet Waste Removal – Why and Where Pet waste removal is an essential aspect of everyone’s life if you have a pet.  The things you should know is why pet waste removal is important and where you can go to get the help you need with your pet waste removal. Why pet waste removal must be done – pet waste removalactually poses a huge threat to those of us who don&rsq...Read More
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11/21/2011 09:23:18 AM, by HAFowler 2191 views, Category: Pet rescue View All Blogs
November is Adopt-a-Senior Pet Month! In November, shelters and adoption organizations across the country are educating and advocating for the pets most often overlooked when families are seeking a furry or feathered new member: senior pets. Kittens and puppies are always first to find forever homes – everybody loves a cute, fuzzy baby. Unfortunately that means that there are ...Read More
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11/19/2011 14:38:40 PM, by K.T.Riffic 5713 views, Category: Pet technology and gadgets, Pet career and businesses, Pet rescue View All Blogs
Thousands of Dogs Saved Thanks to One Company's Use of Social Media Sometimes all it takes to make a difference is for someone to have just one idea and some passion. The Best Friends Animal Society started the Invisible Dogs Campaign to get the word out about local dogs in local shelters who have trouble getting adopted. These dogs are sometimes referred to as the invisible dogs. Through this one soc...Read More
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11/17/2011 08:22:54 AM, by HAFowler 6117 views, Category: Pets in news, Pet rescue View All Blogs
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New Hope for Shelter Dogs and Veterans: Battle Buddies Service Dogs Veteran’s Day has just passed, and with it, increased discussion and education about the injuries, both visible and undetectable, that soldiers receive in service to our country. Modern veterans face unique challenges that soldiers in generations before them may not have experienced – or were called something else, like “shell ...Read More
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11/14/2011 06:06:34 AM, by HAFowler 5815 views, Category: Pets in news, Pet rescue View All Blogs
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Hercules, A Rescued St. Bernard, Saves His Family From Burglars! Who says adopting a giant, bear-like dog has no payoff besides love and companionship? At about 5 p.m. on Wednesday, November 11, the Littler family brought 135 pound St. Bernard Hercules home from the Highland County Dog Pound in Hillsboro, OH. They feared he would be euthanized, so they adopted him thinking they could nurse him to full health ...Read More
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