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Two New Pet- Related Jobs - Doggie Flight Attendant, Pet Food Developer

Looking for a new career in dealing with dogs but don’t want to go the traditional way? There are two new types of jobs you can do that are...  Read More

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02/09/2011 15:43:39 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2542 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet care, safety and insurance, Pet training and behavior, Petivities, Pet thoughts View All Blogs
How To Entertain Your Pets While You Are At Work I know it's hard to leave your pet at home while you go off to work.  I know you think about them during the day and wonder what they are up to, what they may be thinking or doing.  Do you ever wish you could plan some entertainment during their long day waiting for you to return home?  Here are some ideas on how you might ...Read More
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02/07/2011 16:10:07 PM, by KapitN 1193 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Doggy Heaven: Eulogize Pets In Cyberspace Losing a pet is always painful, and the mourning period is never short or easy. In order to cope, most people try to find ways to memorialize their departed friend, to remember the good times and share them with the world. And a website called Doggy Heaven is just one to offer all the tools needed for for a touching memorial. Doggy Heaven&nbs...Read More
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02/04/2011 17:51:30 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1509 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet thoughts, Pet holidays: Valentine View All Blogs
Valentine's Day Pets ~ Heart-Felt Pets Valentine's Day is fast approaching and these pets want nothing more than to show us that they love and care for us.  Check out these pictures of heartfelt pets - surrounded by love and a big red hearts!Read More
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01/25/2011 16:32:52 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2225 views, Category: Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet thoughts, Pet holidays: Valentine View All Blogs
Pets For Valentine's Day ~ What Cute Ones! Valentine's Day is a wonderful day to let your pet know they are special, and an even better day to add a pet or two to your home!  Following are a few extra cute pets out looking for some new mom's and dad's!  Happy Valentines Day! Read More
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01/21/2011 18:14:40 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 2189 views, Category: Petivities, Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet thoughts, Pet holidays: Valentine View All Blogs
Is Your Pet Your Valentine?  What Could Be More Special! A Pet For A Valentine! Yes!  Pets make the perfect valentine - they love you totally and completely for yourself and for who you really are inside.  If you do not have a special human valentine, don't forget to check out your pet - they will make any day, and especially Valentine's Day extra special!   If you do have ...Read More
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01/07/2011 15:55:14 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1233 views, Category: Pet thoughts, Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet holidays: New Year View All Blogs
Count On Your Pets For A Great 2011 Happy New Year to you and your pet(s)!  Our pets will help make this a great 2011 - read on to see what our pets are wanting us to live and learn from them!Read More
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01/03/2011 14:59:26 PM, by Dr.Greg 947 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Make My New Puppy a Mixed Breed!       Many people don’t realize that a mutt or a cross breeds may often be healthier than popular purebred dogs.              I saw my first Morkie the other day. A Morkie is a cross of a Yorkie and a Maltese. The resulting cross may look a bit li...Read More
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12/30/2010 15:18:59 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1812 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on, Pet pack life, Pet play and fitness, Petivities, Pet thoughts, Pet holidays: New Year View All Blogs
Top Ten New Years Resolutions for Pets It is that time of year once again. Yes, New Year is here. 2011 to be exact.  And what do we do when New Year's rolls around?  We make resolutions - some we keep, most we do not.  Some we wish he had kept when the next New Year comes around.  But what about your pets?  They really do not understand the whole concept of...Read More
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12/22/2010 20:33:17 PM, by MsLucky 1024 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Christmas Arts and Crafts With Pets As Christmas is approaching, you are bound to get some cute holiday pictures of your pet. Why not do something with those pictures you are bound to accumulate? Here are a few cute ideas to use those pictures instead of just accumulating them on your computer. Holiday Album Remember when prints and scrapbooks were all the rage? Bring the ...Read More
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12/01/2010 23:37:16 PM, by MsLucky 3285 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Best Dog Breeds For Kids Since it is almost Christmas time, getting a dog for your kids may be a great present if you are prepared, know what to expect, and are ready for the responsibility it may entail.  While it is a big responsibility to introduce a dog to your children, there are certain breeds that make life much easier- and much more enjoyable. Here is ...Read More
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11/25/2010 17:48:33 PM, by addyshuman 1469 views, Category: Pet training and behavior, Pet thoughts, Pet stuff to chew on, Stories from the Rainbow Bridge, Pet holidays: Thanksgiving View All Blogs
A Story of Thanks to the Man in the Big, Yellow Hat Happy Thanksgiving, animal lovers! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a personal story as well as extend my gratitude to the man responsible for my earliest childhood experience with dogs.    He lived at the very bottom of my street. He was a quiet type, but also kind of reminded me of "the man in the b...Read More
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11/07/2010 03:25:42 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 5212 views, Category: Pet pack life, Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Its Fall-Back Time Change ~ How Does This Affect Our Pets? Fall is well underway and it is time for the annual Daylight Saving's Time Event ~ FALL BACK 1-Hour on your clocks!  Yes you get an extra hour of sleep, work, play, or whatever else you've been waiting to do this November!   What happens to our pets though during this time change period?  Check out the pictures below to get an i...Read More
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11/06/2010 19:14:08 PM, by MsLucky 5006 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
How to Help Your Inactive Pet Become More Active Exercise is good for you and your pet- especially when the weather gets cold outside and we tend to be less active. Exercise gives you energy, helps you feel better emotionally, gives your joints that additional flexibility it needs, keeps you healthier all around,  and increases your lifespan. These are all great reasons to get on an...Read More
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10/29/2010 16:43:51 PM, by gradye 8787 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Pet comics, humor, poetry, Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Top 10 Weirdest Pets We all think our pet is unique, each cat and dog has his own personality traits and quirks. But, some people have more unique pets than others! Today, it's time to run through a list of the ten weirdest pets.   1. Flying Squirrels. These two to four ounce animals will bond with their owners very well, assuming the owners are willing to...Read More
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10/29/2010 15:59:00 PM, by gradye 7120 views, Category: Pet training and behavior, Pet thoughts, Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
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Finding the Right Pet for Your Child It's important to find a great way to teach your child responsibility, but the wrong pet at the wrong time can turn your child off to ever owning an animal. Before you and your little one rushes off to the pet store, keep the following considerations in mind. If your child is younger than seven, he or she is less likely to fully appreciate o...Read More
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10/20/2010 23:51:33 PM, by fairfieldvet 885 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Will Stem Cells Bring Promised Relief to Painful Pups? A potentially helpful treatment may be on the horizon – stem cell therapy. A company focused on bringing regenerative medicine technology to veterinarians has developed a therapy to treat arthritis in dogs using the pet’s own fat tissue. Fat-Derived Stem Cells Stem cells are precursor cells that have the potential to develop in...Read More
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10/13/2010 09:23:45 AM, by Mydoggy 799 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Autumn Memoirs I get a little nostalgic in these autumn days. Childhood scenes flash through my head & my heart beats faster trying to keep up with my thoughts, work, & life in general. This is my favorite time of the year. The weather is gentle inspiring me to meditate & dwell on my sentimental thoughts. Everybody is looking forward to Christmas & I just wa...Read More
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09/13/2010 16:09:38 PM, by GuyCC 993 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
Does Music Soothe The Savage Beast? Perhaps "savage" is a bit of an exaggeration, but it it comes to raising a terrier, "spirited" is more than appropriate. The age old question of "Does music have an effect on dogs" has been long in debate. From my perspective, there is some validity to the discussion. Like people, dogs react differently to various musics. The louder or hig...Read More
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08/25/2010 17:49:42 PM, by BridgetM 1160 views, Category: Pet thoughts, Pets in news, Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
National Feed Pets of the Homeless Week This is the first in what I hope will be many blogs dedicated to pet-related holidays. I just missed this one, so I figured it would make a good starting point. There are weird and wacky days and weeks and months dedicated to animals throughout the year and I hope to highlight some of them here.   National feed the pets o...Read More
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08/19/2010 22:18:59 PM, by GuyCC 3331 views, Category: Pet thoughts View All Blogs
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Getting Your Rescue Pet Acclimated To A New Home There are few more rewarding feelings than bringing a newly rescued pet home to be part of a loving family. There is always that little furry face at a shelter or from an online rescue site that wins over a potential owner's heart and begs for adoption. While the new family member will appreciate a new life of fun and love, there are things th...Read More
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