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The Unpleasant Origins of Letting the Cat out of the Bag

Given how many other aspects of human civilization have been influenced by the fuzzy grip of the domestic cat, it should come as no surprise tha...  Read More

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08/29/2010 18:19:25 PM, by KapitN 6650 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Embedded in the Cute: My Trip to the Santa Monica Cat Show Earlier today my fiance' and I took a trip to the Santa Monica Cat Show, an annual Los Angeles event put on by the Cat Fancier's Association. Though she had always been a cat lover, this was my first trip to a cat show, because before two years ago I had never owned a cat and couldn't fathom why people would be so obsessed with the animals. On...Read More
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08/25/2010 17:49:42 PM, by BridgetM 1661 views, Category: Pet thoughts, Pets in news, Pet care, safety and insurance View All Blogs
National Feed Pets of the Homeless Week This is the first in what I hope will be many blogs dedicated to pet-related holidays. I just missed this one, so I figured it would make a good starting point. There are weird and wacky days and weeks and months dedicated to animals throughout the year and I hope to highlight some of them here.   National feed the pets o...Read More
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08/20/2010 22:18:08 PM, by pinkmilestone 1532 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Walk Dog Then Bathe & SAY YEEEEEE ! On Car Rides With Pet ! Walk with Harley today during high noon was just about the Funniest part of my day, but not as funny or just about the same as getting stuck for a mere 10 seconds in Bart’s sliding automatic doors I said AHHH !  Instead of just walking and having him run, I let him go chase the ball I threw for him.  He didn’t seem to get...Read More
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08/18/2010 18:10:14 PM, by KapitN 2215 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Disney World adds luxury resort-- for pets! The self-proclaimed happiest place on Earth is about to get happier-- for animals, at least. On September 1st, Disney World will open a Best Friends Pet Resort, offering to not only accommodate tourists' dogs and cats, but to outright spoil them. The resort spans over 50'000 square feet of land, including artificial turf, lightly forested woodla...Read More
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08/05/2010 22:34:12 PM, by KapitN 1707 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Cape Cod Couple to be prosecuted for Captive Coyote An unsettling case of animal cruelty occurred a week ago in Cape Cod, Maine, when a wild coyote was found caged in a local couple's apartment. Responding to several tips, police encountered the animal in unsanitary conditions, a stench of waste so strong that later inspectors entered the apartment with breathing equipment. The coyote, a female n...Read More
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07/30/2010 11:16:38 AM, by KapitN 1654 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Monkey attacks Indiana teen, raises concerns about pet legality As much as people love monkeys and even want them as pets, they are still wild animals that can be dangerous if provoked. Hamilton County, Indiana was reminded of this the hard way when Enjo, a 7-year-old Patas monkey owned by resident Bobbi Phelan, escaped his cage and attacked her teenaged son. The 15-year-old boy received only a minor cut to ...Read More
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07/14/2010 16:01:09 PM, by KapitN 1775 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Bawdy feline swindles English neighborhood out of its undergarments If a human being was found stealing the underwear of his neighbors, he would certainly not be well received. He would be considered a disgusting pervert, and even if his legal punishment was lenient, his community would never treat him with respect again. So when over seventy pairs of clothing were stolen in a neighborhood South Hampton, England...Read More
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07/12/2010 09:28:31 AM, by fairfieldvet 1421 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
The Humane Conflict The images are designed to inflame our anger and tug at our hearts. Severely matted dogs, wounded cats and emaciated horses linger on the television screen and in our minds. Throughout the ninety second infomercial, celebrity voices plead with us to open our hearts, and our wallets, to save these poor creatures.   The Humane So...Read More
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06/26/2010 22:25:28 PM, by KapitN 5963 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
A Hot Dog is A Sick Dog: How to Beat the Outdoor Heat The adverse effects of heat upon a dog inside a closed space are well known, as seen by the tragic fates of animals left in cars. However, a hot day can be dangerous to an dog outdoors as well. Even environmental heat and humidity can cause dogs symptoms such as dizziness, dehydration, stomach problems, and in the worst cases, heat stroke. Dogs ...Read More
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06/19/2010 18:48:02 PM, by KapitN 1278 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Sometimes a Sneeze is Just a Sneeze The attachment people have to their pets can’t be overstated, so obviously a pet owner is going to be concerned when they see their animal sniffling. They will likely start worrying about how bad it could be, and prepare themselves for the worst case scenarios. However, while owners should watch their pets’ health, they shouldnâ...Read More
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06/08/2010 17:25:06 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 1476 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Video of The Life Of A Special Service Dog -- A Surfing Service Dog! A friend sent me this video link about a service dog -- I thought, oh another nice story of how a service dog is raised, trained and changes the life of someone special who needs the help.  But this one was different - this is about a service dog that didn't quite fit the mold, and who was going to be dismissed from the program - until the ...Read More
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05/26/2010 13:01:51 PM, by KapitN 1327 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Second-Hand Smoke: Bad For Humans, Worse For Pets At this point in the 21st century, the negative effects of tobacco are so extensively documented that nobody can light a cigarette without being aware of the damage they’re doing to themselves. It is well-known that smoking tobacco is addictive, lowers physical stamina and lung capacity, increases the smoker’s risk of heart disease...Read More
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05/22/2010 18:33:06 PM, by KapitN 1114 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Frontier Airlines Now Allows Pets On Board Frontier Airlines, a lower-cost airline based out of Denver, has recently joined the ranks of the best services for traveling pet owners. The company’s policy now allows animals of a certain size ( specifically, any animal that can fit in a carry-on container, such as a cat, rabbit, or small dog ) to ride in the cabin with their owner. Th...Read More
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05/18/2010 18:46:17 PM, by KapitN 3935 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
The American Animal Obesity Epidemic It’s a common fact that Americans are fatter than ever, to the point of a much-discussed ( and still unresolved ) obesity epidemic. Unfortunately, not even American pets have been spared from the health problems of our over-indulgence. A poll of American veterinarians showed that 45 percent of the dogs and 57 percent of the cats that ente...Read More
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05/02/2010 20:10:19 PM, by KapitN 1447 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
PETA Attacks Mafia Wars, Thinks Virtual Dog Fighting Supports Actual Dog Fighting If PETA is known for anything amongst popular culture, even more than the ethical treatment of animals, it’s known for calling attention to animal rights issues with the most ridiculous, overblown, and even unethical campaigns. They’ve criticized Steve “ Crocodile Hunter “ Irwin for putting wild animals under stress imm...Read More
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04/25/2010 09:44:35 AM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 5786 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet Stamp Series - Available Now Online or April 30th at The Post Office   Stamps to the rescue!  The United States Postal Services is comng out with a special series of stamps - we can all help with the purchase of these special stamps. Read on!       Jake                  ...Read More
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04/18/2010 15:52:35 PM, by KapitN 4014 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Smuggling Pets on Planes: A Victimless Crime, Except For The Pets ( News courtesy of the Seattle Times Of all the dubiously legal things a person could smuggle aboard an airplane, a cat or small dog is one of the least threatening-- and one of the most common. Travellers will frequently pack their animals into their carry-on luggage, tucking them away in bags or under blankets. Some will even go so far to t...Read More
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04/14/2010 13:43:36 PM, by MsLucky 7769 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Ferret - Popular with Young Women in The South What do you think of when you hear the word ferret? Perhaps you think of a ferret living in squalor with an animal hoarder and having to fend for themselves? Or maybe even a negative connotation that you might see in the TV, like the old crazy man carrying one on his shoulder? Not so, anymore. They are becoming quite fashionable among younge...Read More
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04/03/2010 19:46:13 PM, by KapitN 1217 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Mood : Accomplished Currently : Playing a game
Dogs Are More Comforting Than Other People: Also, Sky Is Blue If you’re wondering why your partner, family, or other live-in loved ones seem more upset to be away from the dogs than from you, don’t bother. And if you feel jealous that your pet gets more attention, don’t act on it, because it’s futile. It’s a perfectly natural response to the unwavering emotional support dogs g...Read More
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03/28/2010 10:26:27 AM, by KapitN 1482 views, Category: Pets in news View All Blogs
Doggie Day Care: How, Why, and How-To Even in a down economy, people will go out of their way to see that their animals are well taken care of. And when pet owners have to work longer hours, they’ll find it more important that their pets are in good hands. Hence why American spending on animals has actually increased-- by the American Pet Products Association’s estim...Read More
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