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Trained Dog Learns 1'022 Human Words

Dogs are clearly intelligent animals, but scientists are still learning just how smart man's best friend can be. And a border collie named Chas...  Read More

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10/19/2011 10:10:29 AM, by Mydoggy 1658 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Memories Does anyone have some memories to share from your previous dogs? I’ll love to hear from you. One of my previous dog (Cookie) hated frogs & cats. He loved to wear my reading glasses & each time I wanted to grab them he turned his head. I believe Cookie thought he was human ha ha. He didn’t sit like a dog & he loved watching TV. He had...Read More
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10/15/2011 08:01:47 AM, by HAFowler 2460 views, Category: Pets in news, Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
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RIP Pete, Vermonts Beloved Moose While not a pet in any conventional sense, people around the world came to love Pete the Moose, the Vermont ungulate who received a gubernatorial pardon when he became the center of a swirling controversy over the treatment of wild animals in domestic situations in 2009. Pete the Moose was mauled by dogs when he was only five days old. Badly ...Read More
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09/26/2011 16:13:15 PM, by KapitN 3683 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Bizarre Origins of Raining Cats and Dogs Like many phrases evoking animals, “raining cats and dogs” has been used so commonly that its origins are taken for granted. And those who do wonder why people started associating heavy rainfall with falling pets will find the phrase’s origins shrouded in myth and conflicting interpretations. Many of these interpretations ar...Read More
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06/10/2011 19:30:41 PM, by KapitN 1874 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Angel Cats Review: Sappy Cat Books Find God Angel Cats, a collection of stories compiled by Allen and Linda Anderson, tries to set itself apart from the admittedly bloated genre of sentimental feline-themed nonfiction books. It doesn’t just have stories about people who love their cats, it has stories about people who love their cats and think said cats are messengers from the Di...Read More
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04/29/2011 14:31:50 PM, by KapitN 3674 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Tragic Fate of The Turkish Van Cat The Turkish Van is famed as the "swimming cat", one of the few felines that actually embraces water. It's also a symbol of the Kurdish people, found in art and culture dating back to the 16th century. However, as the indigenous Kurds were persecuted by the Turkish Republic, so were their beloved cats. Turkish Vans were targeted for extermina...Read More
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04/22/2011 21:06:21 PM, by KapitN 3642 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Alex and Me: A Love Story of Person and Parrot African grey parrots are popular for their friendly nature and speech-mimicking abilities. However, their abilities go far beyond copying what they hear. The African grey is one of the most intelligent animals on the planet, and their walnut-sized brains have cognitive abilities closer to humans than other birds. This was proven to the world by ...Read More
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04/18/2011 15:38:30 PM, by KapitN 9282 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Turkish Van: The Amazing Aqua-Cat Cats are notorious for their  fervent hatred of water, but this trait isn't exclusive to all breeds. The Turkish Van is a type of cat that has become famous for its ability not only to swim in water, but to actively seek it. But unlike many breeds, the Turkish Van is not the result of domestic breeding, but a naturally occurring cat tha...Read More
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04/05/2011 13:10:05 PM, by sybil 1841 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Personalized Urn (or vase) to Help You Cope With Loss of Pet When our dog died, we chose not to keep her remains as displaying a conventional urn would be depressing and focus on the loss. Looking at photos was comforting, which inspired me, a mosaic artist, to develope a process of incorporating a photo montage into a beautiful mosaic design to transform an urn into a personal and uplifting piece of ar...Read More
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03/10/2011 06:36:11 AM, by KapitN 1950 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Dewey's Nine Lives Review: Stories From His Furry Disciples Vicki Myron's memoir Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched The World, was an unprecedented success. This is because the story of Dewey Readmore Books, who was found cruelly dumped in the book drop of the Spencer, Iowa library when he was just a stray kitten, was more than just Myron's love letter to her cat. Dewey (and by extensi...Read More
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02/14/2011 17:07:03 PM, by KapitN 5130 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Dark Lord Cat Finds Nice New Home Sometimes real stories do have happy endings-- even for those who killed Harry Potter's parents. The saga of Charlie (a.k.a Voldemog), a 14-year-old cat who lost his nose and ears to skin cancer, reached its conclusion yesterday. Living in a shelter in the West End of London, it was feared that the older, deformed feline would never find ...Read More
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12/11/2010 16:29:43 PM, by KapitN 4157 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Legion of Super-Pet: Man(of Steel)'s Best Friends Every person can benefit from animal companionship, even those more powerful than a locomotive. But conventional animals aren't so impressive next to Superman. So, believing that a flying man in a cape was too down to earth, DC Comics created Super-animal characters, and eventually had enough of the caped critters to form a Legion of Super-P...Read More
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11/25/2010 17:48:33 PM, by addyshuman 2114 views, Category: Pet training and behavior, Pet thoughts, Pet stuff to chew on, Stories from the Rainbow Bridge, Pet holidays: Thanksgiving View All Blogs
A Story of Thanks to the Man in the Big, Yellow Hat Happy Thanksgiving, animal lovers! In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a personal story as well as extend my gratitude to the man responsible for my earliest childhood experience with dogs.    He lived at the very bottom of my street. He was a quiet type, but also kind of reminded me of "the man in the b...Read More
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11/24/2010 00:32:52 AM, by KapitN 1519 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Marley and Me Movie: A Doggone Stinker Few people with access to multimedia haven't heard of Marley and Me. John Grogan's newspaper columns about his lovably ill-behaved Labrador Retriever Marley were a massive success, and the book he wrote about the dog cemented the story's status. Marley and Me's narrative strongly resonates with the public, because it simultaneous...Read More
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11/08/2010 17:30:53 PM, by KapitN 4768 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
KittenWar, the Book Review: The Serious Business of Cute Kitties One of the most addictive sites on the internet is KittenWar, which works exactly as the name suggests. Created by Fraser Leway and Tom Ryan, the site works by having its viewers vote for which kitten pictures are the cutest. Though battles are temporary, the kittens' profiles retain popularity rankings, and some lucky ( or unlucky ) cats will r...Read More
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10/23/2010 15:23:44 PM, by KapitN 2503 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Dewey The Small-Town Library Cat: A Community Memoir with Teeth ( and Whiskers ) For a cat that started as a sickly stray, Dewey Readmore Books did remarkably well. Vicki Myron, a librarian at the Spencer Public Library in Iowa, had no idea how far his influence would spread when she found him cruelly stuffed in the book drop slot. But Dewey not only became a fixture of the library, but a symbol of the town’s spirit. I...Read More
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10/11/2010 06:55:38 AM, by KapitN 7568 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Lessons from Stanley the Cat: Feline Wisdom for The Human Condition Lessons from Stanley the Cat is a self-help book with a much simpler-- and debatably more effective-- approach. The author, psychotherapist Jennifer Freed, shares the wisdom she learned from her late cat Stanley, with cute cartoons from Swedish illustrator Tone Gellerstedt illustrating those points. Stanley's lessons range from simple common sen...Read More
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09/21/2010 14:46:03 PM, by KapitN 10559 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Of Ocelots and Ocicats: How a Breeder Accidentally Copied a Wildcat The ocelot is a small wildcat found in forests extending from the Southwestern United States all the way down to South America. The ocicat is a renowned cat breed, named for its resemblance to the ocelot. The resemblance is a large part of the breed's appeal, because of the mystique surrounding the ocelot-- their distinctive spotted coat makes t...Read More
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09/12/2010 16:24:10 PM, by KapitN 9613 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Are Maine Coons Related to Raccoons? A common folk myth in the Northeastern States is that the Maine Coon breed of cat is part raccoon. The legend is fueled by the breed's appearance, because they have quite a few traits similar to the wild animal. They have long, bushy tails that sometimes have ringed patterns, they have distinct tufted ears, they are excellent climbers, and-- by ...Read More
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09/09/2010 12:59:48 PM, by KapitN 7058 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Lucky Cat: The Lore and Life of the Japanese Bobtail Any one shopping in Japan will come across a store which has a maneki neko statue on display. The statue, which translates into English as " welcoming cat ", takes the shape of a chubby white cat sitting on its hind legs and raising one paw. Several folk tales have been told regarding the origins of the maneki neko, and they all treat the feline...Read More
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08/28/2010 15:39:20 PM, by KapitN 38329 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Laika: The tragic story of the first dog in space The Cold War space race between United States and Russia demanded intensive research before either side was ready to send human beings into off of the Earth. At first, the physical effects of outer space were tested on animals. The first animal in space was Laika, a three-year-old stray dog found on the streets of Moscow. In 1957, she was put in...Read More
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