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Will Kissing Your Pet Kill You?!?

Western civilization has become aware of, and vigilant against, health hazards often to the point of hypochondria. At the same time, domestic anima...  Read More

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06/25/2010 21:45:26 PM, by KapitN 4811 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Pet Cloning: Not just Immoral, but Impractical >If a person misses a departed pet, and has a large amount of disposable income to spend, they may pursue a cloned animal. Several private firms have offered genetic duplicates of specific animals, which effectively infuse a mother’s embryo with the DNA sample so that the newborn will have the same genetic “ blueprints “ as th...Read More
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01/08/2010 21:24:32 PM, by unettf 2594 views, Category: Pet care, safety and insurance, Pets in news, Pet rescue, Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
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Chazz The Miracle Dog Here are two stories that I am sure will have all of you readers wondering how anyone could do such a terrible thing.         As you see one story is when they found the poor animal, and the other is when the story comes to a very sad end.   Someone must have either had some feelings of remorse or just found the p...Read More
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12/27/2009 01:20:04 AM, by CalmNotSubmissive 1256 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Pepper crosses Rainbow Bridge He’s a wily one for sure.  Whenever you turned your back, he might be digging through the trash, refusing to come when it was time to leave the dog park or worse yet, what can only be described as, sexually harassing my girl, Sonia.  His name was Pepper.  He’s a pint size version of my own sweet dog, as though you had ...Read More
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10/21/2009 09:26:42 AM, by blaqkat 930 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
How to help your friend cope with the passing of their beloved companion...      Loosing a beloved family pet can be a hard time in anyone's life. So what if you notice one of your friends grieving from the loss of their beloved pet? What can YOU do, to help them grieve without remaining in that greiving process for too long? It's of course alright to be sad and think of your dear friend and all the ...Read More
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10/19/2009 15:45:10 PM, by bfein1075 838 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
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Remembering a dear friend Losing a pet is hard to do. After all we treat them like family. Correction, they are family. One of my good friends recently lost his Welsh Terrier Billy. He was 16 and had a good life but that didn’t make it any easier. I figure with modern science my dog will live 150 to 200 years, but if for some reason that doesn’t happen I...Read More
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09/15/2009 14:52:49 PM, by lisab 940 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
The Death of A Pet and Ideas to Help Our Children Losing a pet is one of the most difficult things in anyone's life.  As adults we understand the finality of the situation and can try to come to grips with it.  As a child, depending on their age, they may not understand why the pet they love is not there anymore.  We lost our bullmastiff Gertie at 8 to cancer in March of 2009.&nb...Read More
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09/10/2009 15:57:43 PM, by CatsEyeEditing 916 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Teddy's Story Pets are so adorable and innocent so it's no wonder why we want them to have the best toys, shampoos, brushes, clothes and of course healthcare. When my black and white Persian cat, Teddy, became seriously ill, I went to the Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital in Akron, Ohio. Although Teddy didn't survive his pancreatitis, the staff at the hospital...Read More
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08/11/2009 12:07:05 PM, by harrisfp 1232 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Lessons Learned I was not with my cat or my dog when they were put down years ago. This is something I have always regretted.   My cat was experiencing renal failure, which is why he had to be put to sleep. He had lived a very long and happy life with our family. My mother was very attached to him and was hysterical for weeks leading up to and after his ...Read More
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07/22/2009 15:40:54 PM, by joaquin.falcon 803 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Surprised she made it for 15 years The Taco Bell Chihuahua passed away today, at age 15.  I've got about a dozen tasteless jokes that I could make here, but will refrain due to her family's loss, and the fact that she was, after all, a Latina TV star.  Shakira was, as one would assume, inconsolable. More
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06/27/2009 08:13:04 AM, by joaquin.falcon 809 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
A Non-Hollywood Ending I've never seen "The Closer", but I'm likely to give it a closer look after reading this article. Evidently, Kyra Sedgwick's character on the show had a cat that she was very fond of.  It just so happened that in real life, the cat was sick, and was not going to be able to make it much longer.  Now, a "normal" TV executive would solve...Read More
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06/26/2009 12:36:06 PM, by honorine 1933 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
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I Miss You Tyson My little boy Tyson passed away yesterday. He was only 5 years old.     My mom called me on the phone and told me this. He had been sick for a while and stopped eating and drinking from the day before yesterday. I adopted him when he was a little baby. He grewed up with Tiger and was a very active affectionate cuddly boy. I trully...Read More
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06/11/2009 15:31:50 PM, by SanPedro 988 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Beloved Winnipeg I lost my beloved Winnipeg this week. Over the course of a few days, she simply lost the use of her back legs. I looked into all the options, and nothing made any sense, short- or long-term.     She was a trooper, a battle-axe, and a hell of a girl. I didn't like her much at first; she was too pushy. I wrote about her elsewhere on t...Read More
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06/04/2009 19:04:53 PM, by harrisfp 865 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
R.I.P., Pepsi Until I recently joined I hadn't really thought much about the pets I have lost in the last 10 years. I think I put them out of my mind to avoid feeling sad. But now that I am here on, I am finding myself thinking about them everyday! And instead of feeling sad, I am just feeling nostalgic. It's nice to think about my old f...Read More
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06/02/2009 08:17:24 AM, by Jellybean 919 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
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Tail of Two Doggies Though it does feel as if I have only grown up with cats for most of my life, there was a time where I actually did have two dogs. I was a young kid at the time, as were my brother and sister, and from what I remember, they were not exactly the type of dogs that were too fond of children. Well, my mom was quite overprotective...Read More
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05/27/2009 18:59:59 PM, by harrisfp 927 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
A Tribute to a Crazy Pup When I was 15 years old, my dad came home one day with a German Shepherd puppy. The pup weighed about 25 pounds (which seemed rather large to me at the time - I always envisioned puppies as being tiny little things) and he was full of energy. My mother was less than thrilled, since my father had not cleared this new pet decision with her first...Read More
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03/03/2009 09:23:30 AM, by joaquin.falcon 905 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Further Presidental Pet Musings So, something that wasn't mentioned on the site (at least not to my knowedge) that I think was a noteworthy item: Socks the Cat, longtime pet of the Clinton family, died a few weeks ago at age 18. He had, I would assume, a great life.  I always liked Socks as he was the only presidental cat that I knew of; dogs always seem to steal that sp...Read More
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01/31/2009 07:32:33 AM, by joaquin.falcon 643 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
A Question of Ethics? So here's the question - would you, if you could afford it, clone your pet after he or she is gone? I was reading this story about a couple who did that very same thing with their Golden Retreiver, and I don't think that I could do it myself. (They had previously frozen some DNA for this very purpose).  As much as I love having the cats ar...Read More
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01/26/2009 10:34:54 AM, by joaquin.falcon 704 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
Semper Fi So classifying this as "pet heaven" is probably wrong, but I love this woman's devotion to her missing cat. I had contacted her last sumer while I was in the depths of despair when my cat, Charlie, disappeared for a month. I combed whatever internet resources that I could for any sort of information or sympathy that I could muster.....a missin...Read More
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12/20/2008 10:38:15 AM, by kristwind 792 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
After 14 years... For my 9th birthday I got the most wonderful present!  My parents, who were at the time still married, got me a shih-tzu puppy.  I know what you're thinking-how irresponsible it is to get a 9 year old a puppy of their own...not so!  That dog taught me more about responsibly, unconditional love, comfort an...Read More
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10/14/2008 08:34:45 AM, by seattlerugger 993 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge View All Blogs
In Memory Of... A couple days ago, my college roommate let me know that our cat Ruck Vaughn Berogson had died.  Apparently, he had been fighting thyroid disease and after many years, it finally got the best of him.  He lived a long, happy life, filled with love and friends.  He went to live with her parents after we graduated, and they grew very ...Read More
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