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Keeping Dogs Cool In Japan With A Tank Top

Due to the recent problems in Japan, air conditioners have been set at 82 degrees if they are turned on at all, in order to conserve electricity...  Read More

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12/31/2010 02:24:35 AM, by YPT 2628 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet holidays: New Year View All Blogs
Top 10 New Year Gifts for Your Dog for Less Than $100 New Year is always a time of new beginnings, change, and new things.  Our dogs may get left out of the goodies as we merrily buy ourselves some cool discounted goods after Christmas, but if you could buy your dog something special, what would it be?  There is a multitude of treats, toys, clothes, beds, jewelry, etc available that would...Read More
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12/29/2010 16:11:20 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 3638 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
How To Make Your Cat Hate You A humorous look at "How To Make Your Cat Hate You," in order to bring a smile to your face.  Of course all of us cat lovers would never really want to make our kitty dislike us, but we may just be crossing the line by some of the things we want to make our cat wear or do. Check out the following and see what to avoid if you want your cat...Read More
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12/15/2010 17:35:43 PM, by SAndrus 1810 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Making a Reindeer Hat for Your Pup When you want to make a reindeer hat for your pup then all you need to do is find a little creativity, and you will be on your way to making your doggy into a magical reindeer ready to take on the night of Christmas eve.Find out how easy it can be. You will need a headband, glitter glue, and pipe cleaners for this project. This is a s...Read More
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12/11/2010 10:16:18 AM, by SAndrus 1789 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Keeping Your Pet Warm for the Holidays    There are a number of fashions that can keep your pet warm during these cold winter days that are coming up. Not only can you keep them warm in a homemade sweater, but you can also purchase one from a store or even over the internet.   You want to ensure that you purchase the coats from a reputable dealer over the internet. You...Read More
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12/02/2010 12:28:48 PM, by SAndrus 4653 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Doggy Designer Clothes    Doggie designer clothes are something that might not be needed for your dog when the time comes. This is something that might not perk your fancy, or it just might excite you to know that your dog can wear only the hottest fashions without having to spend too much to get them. This is something that depends on what you like, and your tastes re...Read More
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11/27/2010 10:45:37 AM, by SAndrus 1624 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Indian or Pilgrim for Thanksgiving      If you want to know what you dog should wear for Thanksgiving, then you should look into all the different costumes that are available to them. This is because your dog can be one or the other when the time comes. They do not have to be both, and you can be sure to choose the one that works the best for what you’re goin...Read More
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11/25/2010 05:16:44 AM, by MsLucky 14820 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet holidays: Thanksgiving View All Blogs
Cute Last Minute Ideas for Pet Thanksgiving Costumes Thanksgiving is a great time to spend time with family and to eat some delicious turkey dinner.It is also a great time to dress up your pet in Thanksgiving clothing for some great seasonal pictures (and who doesn't love looking at cute pet pictures?). Here are some last minute ideas as you head to the pet store before they close for the holi...Read More
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11/17/2010 17:02:03 PM, by SAndrus 1708 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Ever Heard of Pet Fashion Week?                 There is so much press on Pet Fashion Week that a lot of people find amusing, fascinating, and informative. Why not get the latest pet fashion trends for the pooch in your family? Want to know more about the pet fashion week that is coming up? I will tell you a little more about what they do, and what you can do in order to get more information ...Read More
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11/09/2010 12:59:40 PM, by SAndrus 1941 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Dog Shoes. Do You Need Them? It might have occurred to you that maybe your dog’s feet get cold in the colder months out of the year. This is probably true, and more so true the littler the dog you have. Smaller dogs have a hard time keeping their warmth inside their bodies, and it can escape just like ours can through our f...Read More
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11/08/2010 18:42:00 PM, by SAndrus 4825 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Creative Clothing, Bedding, and Much More for the Dog  If you’re thinking about getting creative clothing and bedding for your dog then you should look into what is lying around the house that you might not be using. This is because you can get everything you need for your dog when you find out what you have to work with. This is something that allows your dog to have the clothing and b...Read More
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11/03/2010 15:17:55 PM, by SAndrus 10299 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Halloween T’s and Costumes for Your Pets When looking for something for your pooch to wear out during trick or treating, you want to make sure that you get everything that you need for the perfect look. This is because you have a few selections from stores, or if you want to get creative and make your pooch a costume then this might also be able to work as well. Your options ar...Read More
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10/31/2010 13:41:08 PM, by SAndrus 10123 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Personalized Shirts for Your Dogs     Choosing personalized shirts for your dogs is essential since you want to make sure they are in style wherever they go. This is something that is both beneficial to you and to your dog. You can have them wear the shirts that you love without having to spend a fortune, yes that’s right, without having to spend a fortune, and they can be w...Read More
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10/30/2010 18:48:05 PM, by MsLucky 22688 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
How to Shop Costumes for Cat The holidays are fast approaching, with Halloween coming tomorrow. For many of you who enjoy the holidays and all the festivities going on, stopping by the costume store for last minute supplies or treats to greet those trick-or-treaters with seems like a fun outing. Shopping for additional cat costumes can be just as fun, knowing what to look...Read More
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10/30/2010 15:09:04 PM, by honorine 18241 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Cats Like Costumes (Japanese Cats) I came across a cat video today and it's super cute! Some cats do act well as an experienced actor in their costumes. People would usually think they don't like to dress up. If you try, they would rip their clothes off. But look at this Japanese cat, feeling so comfortable in various costumes. Some cats like costumes!   Although...Read More
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10/25/2010 19:43:31 PM, by honorine 8307 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Your Pets Halloween Look Book Still looking for a Halloween costume for your precious pooch?  Want something that can be worn more than once a year?  Well look no further than the pictures and links below can take you!  These fantastic costumes are not your ordinary run of the mill creations - oh no ~ these could be worn for Halloween, for a pet party with sty...Read More
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10/23/2010 14:49:46 PM, by Judy-at-Shady-Grove 3427 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet comics, humor, poetry View All Blogs
Fall Weather Pet Hats & Coats ~ It's Time For The Fall Wardrobe! Fall weather is upon us - even if you live in the more sublime states, you may get a breeze that whips you along and where you may wear a scarf or hat to help protect you.  For those of us in the more northern states, well, some of us have already seen some snow!   Our pets need some protection from the elements just like us.  W...Read More
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10/19/2010 11:03:43 AM, by SAndrus 1548 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
How to Find the Best Deals on Dog Sweaters Finding the best deals on dog sweaters seems like it might be a difficult thing to do. This is because you might only shop at one or two stores for dog sweaters. This should be broken since you want to make sure you maximize the areas that you search for the dog sweaters. You want to ensure that you get all the sales and specials that you...Read More
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10/16/2010 20:20:47 PM, by MsLucky 12443 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion, Pet shopping guides View All Blogs
Super Cute Cat Costumes We Like It is approaching the end of October and the holidays are soon approaching. Now is a good time to prepare for your parties, get togethers, and those colder winter months. So, why not look into buying cute, adorable, functional, and fun clothes for your cat? Not only will your cat be warm when they go outside, but they won't mind dressing up fo...Read More
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10/11/2010 06:09:02 AM, by SAndrus 6575 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Make a Snuggy for Your Pup Without Sewing Want to know how to make a wonderful snuggy for your pooch? Do you not know how to sew? Then, no worries since you can make a snuggy for your pooch without having to sew anything.   I am no good at sewing, and with 3 small dogs I like to save money as well. Why not find out how to make a snuggy for each of them with the items I...Read More
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09/07/2010 12:44:25 PM, by MsLucky 1668 views, Category: Purrfect pet styles and fashion View All Blogs
Color Challenged? How to Find The Right Color Combinations for Your Pet Looking to find a great color combination for your pet's outfit or furniture that won’t clash with their fur? Here are a few ideas for color combinations that will work great for you and your pet: Classic Black and White Is your pet black, white, or a combination of both? Stick to the classics here, black and white color palates a...Read More
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