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09/29/2009 17:02:47 PM, by harrisfp 1304 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans
Admin Be sure to tune to your local PBS station on Thursday, October 1st to watch the children's TV show "Fetch! With Ruff Ruffman" as the cast will turn to Tufts University's Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine in Grafton, MA to answer the question: which is smarter, a dog or a pig?   The Cummings School is both a school of medicine and a f...Read More
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09/29/2009 16:04:12 PM, by harrisfp 1054 views, Category: Pet rescue
Admin After reading a horrific story online about how some kid in Pennsylvannia wrapped a cat's entire body in duct tape, I started to wonder if there were any decent animal-loving people left in this world.   So I started searching for a happy animal story and thankfully I found one! Recently a local Massachusetts animal shelter found themselv...Read More
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09/27/2009 21:01:34 PM, by harrisfp 1133 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on
Mood : Excited

Admin I have not been on yeepet for a month and a half and boy have I missed you guys! Just wanted to let my fellow-yeepeters know that I am back (in case anyone missed me ). The reason I took a brief hiatus is because I was busy having a baby - I had my son on September 2nd and named him Jonathan. He is very healthy and very happy and our family feel...Read More
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08/11/2009 12:07:05 PM, by harrisfp 1232 views, Category: Stories from the Rainbow Bridge
Admin I was not with my cat or my dog when they were put down years ago. This is something I have always regretted.   My cat was experiencing renal failure, which is why he had to be put to sleep. He had lived a very long and happy life with our family. My mother was very attached to him and was hysterical for weeks leading up to and after his ...Read More
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08/07/2009 14:23:41 PM, by harrisfp 1455 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on
Admin Have you ever wondered if your cat was right-pawed or left-pawed? Well I just read on about a study that was done that essentially proves that female cats are right-pawed while male cats are lefties!   The study indicates that female domestic cats prefer to use their front right paws while male domestic cats often rely o...Read More
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08/07/2009 14:06:00 PM, by harrisfp 1224 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on
Admin I posted on here about a month ago that my son said the word "kitty" and I was thrilled to no end. My little boy just turned two years old this week and he said another new word - this time it was "doggy"!   He has a lot of books with pictures of dogs and cats and other pets in them, which is probably why he is saying so many animal words...Read More
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08/07/2009 13:56:05 PM, by harrisfp 1074 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans
Admin I learned something new this week - I learned that Tylenol (i.e. Acetaminophen) is actually toxic for felines. Until today I never knew that if a cat accidentally ingested this analgesic, it might kill them.   A friend of mine had to put her cat down this week. When I asked what happened (as far as I knew the cat was not old or sick), she...Read More
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08/07/2009 13:07:30 PM, by harrisfp 1397 views, Category: Pet travel
Admin A while back I wrote a blog post on here about travel safety with your pet. Since then I have wondered if there were actually products out there for pet owners to buy to help them take their pets on the road - and wouldn't you know, there are!   I found a great one on called "Bones Outward Bound Dog Travel Kit". It contains a f...Read More
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07/29/2009 12:57:37 PM, by harrisfp 1257 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin I just read an article about how at a farm just outside of Boston there are some genetically-altered goats who are designed to produce a human blood protein in their milk that may make a new drug that will help humans with blood clotting.   While these special goats eat, they are hooked up to special machines where their protein-rich milk...Read More
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07/23/2009 17:48:45 PM, by harrisfp 1216 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin The ASPCA has named July as ADOPT A SHELTER RABBIT MONTH. In honor of this month, I have listed below several reasons you should consider adopting a bunny. Of course, bunnies (like any animal) are a lot of work and you should not go adopting one in haste. Be sure to do your homework before you take one of these furry ciritters home with you. &n...Read More
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07/22/2009 21:50:38 PM, by harrisfp 1145 views, Category: Pet training and behavior
Admin I am a faithful listener of the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Satellite Radio. On today's show, Howard's wife Beth came on to talk about a new dog book she is writing called OH MY DOG. From what I understand, the book is mostly about dog training techniques and she is doing a great deal of research on the subject.   Beth Ostrosky Stern is a...Read More
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07/21/2009 20:26:10 PM, by harrisfp 1686 views, Category: Pet play and fitness
Admin According to the ASPCA's event calendar, this week is "COW APPRECIATION WEEK". Who knew there was an entire week dedicated specifically to cows? I personally think cows are adorable and I am happy to hear that they are honored in some way. They give so much to people, so giving them a holiday week is really the least we can do for these creature...Read More
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07/17/2009 19:00:49 PM, by harrisfp 12360 views, Category: Pet secrets for humans
Admin Did you know that July is National Dog House Repairs Month? In honor of this ASPCA holiday I did some research on how to build a sturdy dog house for your pooch. Why Build A Dog House? Having a little house for your doggy provides shelter for them when they are outside. In the winter it is a warm place for them to hang out, in the sum...Read More
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07/17/2009 10:11:16 AM, by harrisfp 1042 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin There is a big story circulating on the news in Massachusetts this week. Another awful animal story, unfortunately. A man in Freetown, MA has been approaching local residents offering to shelter their dogs that they can no longer care for for a small fee of $25. Police suspect that what the man is actually doing is taking the dogs from people an...Read More
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07/15/2009 18:51:28 PM, by harrisfp 1183 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin The big news around New England this past week is about how certain zoos were going to be shut down in Massachusetts due to lack of funding - and that the animals at these zoos would be euthanized!   Zoo New England owns the Franklin Park Zoo and the Stone Zoo in Massachusetts and last week they said that if the state's budget cuts remain...Read More
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07/14/2009 14:09:41 PM, by harrisfp 799 views, Category: Pet stuff to chew on
Admin What do animals dream? by Yahia Lababidi Do they dream of past lives and unlived dreams unspeakably human or unimaginably bestial? Do they struggle to catch in their slumber what is too slippery for the fingers of day? Are there subtle nocturnal intimations to illuminate their undreaming hours? Are they haunted by specters of regret...Read More
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07/14/2009 13:51:48 PM, by harrisfp 2036 views, Category: Pet travel
Admin It's summertime and that means vacation time! Lots of folks like to hit the road and drive to their destinations - this can be a really fun family experience. For those of us who own pets, there is no reason to kennel your furry friends - take them along for the ride! But before you do, you will need to prepare your vehicle and your pet for your...Read More
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07/13/2009 14:27:31 PM, by harrisfp 885 views, Category: Pet play and fitness
Admin Today was my first official day as kitty-sitter for my friend who is away on vacation. She asked me to just go to her house every couple of days to look in on the cats, replenish their food and water, and make sure they are doing okay.   I was going to bring my son with me (since he adores cats) but I ended up going without him. I was alr...Read More
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07/11/2009 19:01:30 PM, by harrisfp 1056 views, Category: Pet pack life
Admin A friend of mine has asked me to feed her cats for her while she is away for a couple of weeks. I am of course happy to do it. Her cats are super friendly and it's not a terribly difficult job to go over there every couple of days to check on them and give them food and water.   I am looking forward to feeding the kitties - I'll probably ...Read More
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07/09/2009 20:55:05 PM, by harrisfp 1204 views, Category: Pets in news
Admin I was just watching the 11:00 p.m. news and I heard a terrible story about a truckload of puppies that was recently found in Webster, Massachusetts.   Apparently someone was walking by a truck in Webster and heard some "shrill cries" coming from the back. So they called the police to investigate and the police found 30 puppies crammed int...Read More
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