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10/05/2011 21:43:49 PM, by KapitN 8584 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Sometimes an animal gets an injury and won’t stop picking at the wound, even when doing so makes it worse. Other times, when an injured animal receives surgery, they feel compelled to scratch at their stitches, oblivious to the harm it will do to them. In these cases, the vet will typically outfit the animal with an Elizabethan collar, ...Read More
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09/05/2011 19:01:41 PM, by KapitN 5957 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin There is always an unfortunate chance that your cat will develop asthma. Just like with humans, the condition triggers allergic reactions within the airways, causing difficult breathing. The asthma attacks that menace some cats can range from merely unpleasant to downright dangerous. Here are some tips to help you identify and manage feline a...Read More
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09/02/2011 21:38:27 PM, by KapitN 6527 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin If you suspect that your cat has ear mites, you should get them treated quickly. These hideous creatures can cause your cat great pain, impair their balance, and even cause deafness in the worst cases. Here are some tips to catch and treat ear mites.   Monitor the potential signs. Excessive scratching, small dots of black (dried ...Read More
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08/26/2011 13:15:06 PM, by KapitN 2959 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Despite their comparative simplicity, cats get depressed just like humans. They can fall into depression for the same reasons (uncomfortable changes in their environment, physical discomfort, the loss of a loved one, etc.), and they can suffer just as much from this all-encompassing sadness. Because cats bring so many of us out of sad moods w...Read More
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08/15/2011 22:19:19 PM, by KapitN 2849 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Like humans, cats need to keep their teeth strong and clean. They need their teeth even more than we do, as they use their fangs for grabbing and fighting as well as eating. Dental appointments at the veterinarian may be necessary, but they are also expensive. Here are some tips to help you minimize the cost of dental care (both in dollars as...Read More
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08/08/2011 18:57:11 PM, by KapitN 6627 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Pet food companies recall salmonella-tainted foods as quickly as possible, and with good reason. This bacteria, commonly found in raw foods, can cause several dangerous symptoms in cats, including fever, diarrhea, dehydration, and even depression. Worse, it can transfer from animals to humans (though these cases are admittedly rare). If you t...Read More
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07/26/2011 19:27:55 PM, by KapitN 3899 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin While may cats may act like they think they’re people, they are definitely not, especially when it comes to their digestive systems. Many foods that are staples of an omnivorous human diet are toxic and even life-threatening to felines. Human food should be kept out of cats’ reach as much as possible, but here are some common item...Read More
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07/25/2011 20:13:04 PM, by KapitN 9036 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Like any animal with an internal skeleton, cats can receive broken bones if subjected to sufficient trauma. This is cause for immediate concern, but it might not immediately be obvious that the injury is a fractured or shattered bone. Here are some tips to identify and treat skeletal damage in cats.   --Be gentle. If the cat is i...Read More
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06/20/2011 17:37:26 PM, by KapitN 8391 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Other than unique breeds like the Sphynx and the Cornish Rex, most cats were meant to have full fur coats. So when a cat starts to lose their hair, it may be a sign of a more severe problem. In addition to creating an odd-looking and uneasy creature, alopecia (the medical term for hair loss) can be a symptom of a larger problem, which will ne...Read More
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06/13/2011 21:32:23 PM, by KapitN 11707 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin No matter what valid concerns you have regarding their health and hygiene, the vast majority of cats will not abide being given a bath. And it won’t be easy, but there are several steps you can take to make the process less difficult. Here are some cat bathing tips to save you time, energy, and Band-Aids.   Get your cat in ...Read More
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06/01/2011 09:53:48 AM, by KapitN 4451 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Seeing a cat’s vomit is never pleasant, especially when you have to do the clean-up. However, vomiting can also be a sign of illness, and of gastro-intestinal problems far worse than a simple hairball. Here are some ways you can monitor, prevent, and treat the vomiting symptoms.   Keep hazardous objects out of your cat&rsqu...Read More
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05/17/2011 16:55:00 PM, by KapitN 3903 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Like all baby animals, kittens are especially fragile in their youth, before they have the chance to grow bigger and stronger. And adopted kittens are especially frail, due to the ease with which germs spread through overcrowded pet stores. What would be a mild cold in an adult cat could be a life-threatening illness in a younger one. Here are s...Read More
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05/16/2011 11:10:52 AM, by KapitN 5566 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Acupuncture is an ancient form of Chinese medicine that involves inserting needles into diseased or injured points of the body. The traditional theory is that illness is caused (or at least, aggravated) by obstructions to the flow of chi, the energy of life. Acupuncture needles are used to clear out the blockages in the body, allowing the body t...Read More
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03/01/2011 15:34:11 PM, by KapitN 5877 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin In addition to losing physical abilities, animals lose their mental faculties as they get old, just like humans. Dementia can set in and gradually take away your beloved pet. And while they cannot live together, here are some methods to keep your animal's mind sharp in their graying years. Play with your pets regularly. In addition to bei...Read More
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02/07/2011 18:51:29 PM, by KapitN 1633 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin When humans think of the term stem cell therapy, they usually think of the controversial issue, regardless of which side of the debate they support. But though the uses of embryonic tissue in human stem cell research are hotly debated, stem cells have been utilized more effectively in animal medicine. Veterinarians have found effective uses for ...Read More
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12/28/2010 09:10:30 AM, by KapitN 11482 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Obesity is just as bad for animals as it is for humans, increasing risks of heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, and other problems. However, it isn't always easy to tell if a pet is just stocky, or if they are unhealthily overweight. Because the parameters for animal body shape are different than humans, here are a list of signs that yo...Read More
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11/16/2010 21:52:08 PM, by KapitN 1240 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin Giving pets human food is almost never a good idea, and can often be outright hazardous. Even though we eat many of the same meats that are found in pet foods, the way we prepare our food and the way they are suited to eating are worlds apart. A particularly dangerous example is turkey, and unfortunately, next week will see quite a lot of Thanks...Read More
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09/10/2010 15:42:34 PM, by KapitN 2001 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin While not a pleasant activity, taking a stool sample is necessary for many veterinary procedures. Both routine check-ups and tests for serious illnesses require a portion of feces for accurate information. And even if the acquiring the sample will never be enjoyable, the process can be relatively simple by following a few key guidelines. Make...Read More
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08/26/2010 13:39:44 PM, by KapitN 2171 views, Category: Purrfect pet health and beauty tips
Admin When my fiance' and I adopted our cat Allie from an animal shelter, he was three months old and very sickly. He would not stop sneezing, and barely touched his food. We eventually took him to the vet for an overnight stay, and they were able to help him heal. Today Allie is a big, healthy, and happy feline specimen, but he gave us a tremendous s...Read More
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