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10/05/2009 13:58:46 PM, by bevybev 1121 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin   Hi ya folks! Well, she started yesterday getting me used to my new paw -nail treatments, yes it's Pedipaws! I admit that I am kind of timid naturally and so when she turned it on just to see my response, well I did not like it.  Oh, she did not scare me with it but she first told me to jump on the bed and then took the thing out ...Read More
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10/03/2009 09:37:17 AM, by bevybev 1350 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Greetings Folks! She let me out early this morning and lo and behold guess who greeted me near the fence, Coco!  It's a good thing that she could not squeeze and get in my yard, otherwise I would have put the squeeze on her because I was not in the mood.  Listen, I did not have my breakfast yet so I was a little edgy although we did e...Read More
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09/30/2009 11:15:00 AM, by bevybev 1236 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hello there folks! Most people think as they watch their doggies scratch they are thinking fleas or allergies, but I'm not referring to my scratching to fleas or allergies.  You see, I love to have someone scratch my behind, oh yeah!  It feels real good and although on some occasions I do itch back there because of mosquito bites, but...Read More
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09/29/2009 14:45:24 PM, by bevybev 1369 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hi Folks! Her name is Sticky the cat, the people from the SPCA named her that because some stupid jerk wrapped her in duct tape.  And guess what?  They caught the bum folks, they actually caught him.  A 19 yr old male is now in custody for his hateful act!  And folks he claims that he didn't have his head on straight, DIDN'T...Read More
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09/28/2009 08:08:09 AM, by bevybev 923 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hola Folks! My stare-down is different from my cute look, when I want to get on the bed I am very stubborn at times and she does not like it at all!  So after I have my morning meal, I usually want to get right back up onto the bed and she is not having it.  So when she tells me to lay down or go into the kennel, that is when I do my ...Read More
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09/24/2009 14:08:27 PM, by bevybev 1027 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hey Folks! Well today I finally got a much needed bath.  Whew! A sign of relief and Phew! I was kinda funky to say the least.  Since it was nice and cool she gave me the bath in a bag,and it felt so good when she first combed and brushed me to get rid of that old hair; and it really felt so good to have her wipe me down with the tea t...Read More
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09/23/2009 10:38:41 AM, by bevybev 1210 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Folks, Take notice of my title again, I am both mad and heartbroken!  Yesterday as we were watching TV, what we heard on the news was so terrible; it seems that some very cruel and sick and terrible person was abusive to a cat!  Now I will admit again that I don't get along with cats, but listen, to abuse any kind of animal is unforgi...Read More
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09/22/2009 14:39:30 PM, by bevybev 895 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hey folks! I just had to send a shout out to CatseyeEditing, because of her suggestion she has bought  "pedipaws" for me.  Yea!  That means no more cutting of my quick and you dogs and cats know just how much that hurts!  I mean I am so very happy, I know that she means well and I am very good even though I don't like it one...Read More
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09/21/2009 14:51:56 PM, by bevybev 737 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hi ya folks! Well she's sick again, you remember me telling you guys that I am a mosquito magnet; well she is a germ magnet!  She has yet another cold and last month it was a virus, will it ever end folks?  And why is she sick all of the time anyway?  Boy it's a good thing that dogs can't catch human colds, otherwise I am doomed ...Read More
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09/19/2009 13:37:39 PM, by bevybev 804 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Whoa Folks! I got it! I got it! 10lbs of pure delight, MILK BONES! MILK BONES! Oh how I love milk bones!  She came in from the market and when I came downstairs, the first thing that I got a whiff of was milk bones; then I ran into the kitchen and was already excited because it was my dinnertime, yea!   But as I drew closer to the...Read More
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09/18/2009 13:42:51 PM, by bevybev 780 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hey! Okay, I really did not slay a mosquito, but you decide whether or not I get credit anyway.  We were both out back today, she on one side using the weedwacker, and I really don't like it because it's way too loud; but Midnight was out so I tried to ignore the sound.   Anyway, when we both got back in three mosquitoes piggyback...Read More
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09/17/2009 13:30:12 PM, by bevybev 772 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hi Folks! Take a good look at those pics of all the dogs before me, not a bad looking bunch. She first had Patches, the black and white looks a bit stressed, then Sheba the beautiful brown and black to the left with those lovely ears; Spanky is in the center.  And to think that all three lived under the same roof!   OMG! i don't t...Read More
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09/16/2009 12:48:59 PM, by bevybev 693 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hey Folks! So here's how I relieve my boredom from missing her, are  you impressed?  Anyway here I am again, home alone; I guess it cannot be helped and that I should not act so spoiled.  But hey, who spoiled me?  And do you think that I expect her to take me everywhere?  I bet that some of you do think that, but the fa...Read More
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09/14/2009 15:53:16 PM, by bevybev 848 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hey Folks, I am finally doing well in the waiting to eat department! I am so very proud of myself and she even gave me an extra milk bone just for being such a good boy. I am so excited and don't know what to think, but I am so glad that I am finally learning to wait patiently to eat my meals; and folks I know that she is pleased because she ...Read More
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09/13/2009 15:13:00 PM, by bevybev 564 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Yo, yo, yo! So what do you think, should I go for it and be on TV, movies or what?  She is always going crazy over those doggie commercials like K9 Advantix, cottonelle and the latest one she goes gaa-gaa over is the Spdr commercial with that lovesick Jack Russell.   I can be just as famous and as my title reads, "You ought to be ...Read More
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09/11/2009 14:47:27 PM, by bevybev 683 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin NO I AM NOT CUJO! Hey folks! She was letting me out last night and low and behold there were two other dogs new to me across from me,naturally I had to show them who's the dog and rushed right over.  One's name was Coco a boy, and I was so excited after I got over myself as I wagged my tail like a whip, I wanted to then be nice and g...Read More
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09/10/2009 16:18:47 PM, by bevybev 592 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Yeah, There, I've said it! Oh she has had other dogs but I think that Quincy was very special to her. His full name was Huntington "Quincy" Bryan Duke, ooooh very classy name and he really looks classy too. But I think it's all that they went through together those 13 years. Wow! I do hope that I live 13 plus years with her; but I do understa...Read More
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09/09/2009 15:06:45 PM, by bevybev 712 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Hi ya folks! Well believe it or not, I do have a pet peeve and I know that some of you will understand, or not; but perhaps you will be sensitive to my feelings or you will think that I am selfish.  When me and my Bev are comfortable hanging out in our room, I could be laying in my den or kennel and she on the computer or watching som...Read More
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09/08/2009 13:38:17 PM, by bevybev 725 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Oh well! Well folks she has laid down the law, but first let me explain how it used to be.  In the morning before breakfast she would give me my milk bone, then I would wait while she prepared my meal.  Now  today she tested me, if I ran to my meal and or growled I would not get my bone.   Well I passed breakfast and got...Read More
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09/07/2009 13:57:14 PM, by bevybev 1168 views, Category: Pet thoughts
Admin Oh Snap! Folks I did it again, I reverted back to my old puppy self; I growled when she put down my food.  Usually at feeding time it is just the two of us, but her mother was also in the kitchen preparing dinner.  And so I was just a bit anxious reverting back to my old self, kind of like a Dr. Doggie Jekyll and Mr. Doggie Hyde. &nb...Read More
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