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Is your pet your sweetheart this Valentine's Day?  Try some of these great ways to celebrate with him and show him how special he is!

Spa Style Pampering

Your pet deserves the best, so why not spoil him with some salon treatments at home?  Relax your pet with some calming music and scented candles like lavender that trigger relaxation.  Brush your pet thoroughly first to get out all the knots and dirt stuck in his hair.  Make it enjoyable and be sure to get those extra itchy spots he just can't reach himself!  Use lukewarm water for a refreshing bath and be sure to use pet shampoo since human shampoo might be too harsh for his skin.  Rub him down with a towel when the bath is over and use a hair dryer if necessary for the finishing touches. 

Dinner for Two

So maybe your dog can't go into a dark restaurant for a candle-light dinner with you, but many places allow you to sit in outdoor patios with your pet.  So pick your favorite outdoor restaurant and call ahead to check their pet policy.  Remember to tie your pet to your chair and bring a little water dish for him to drink out of or ask for a disposable water dish. 

Want to stay home with your cat and have a cozy evening at home?  Try a special meal for your cat like caviar made for cats.  It's a special day so splurge a little bit!  If that's a little too extravagant for you, just grab that special can of cat food that you always wanted to let Fluffy try.

Special Desserts

If you're lucky enough to live by a restaurant that sells ice cream for dogs, now is the perfect time to check it out.  One great example is the Cold Nose Creamery (  If you can't find a local restaurant with special dog treats, check your local grocery store to see if they carry any dog specific treats.  Or just buy you cat or dog's favorite treats: bacon flavored, fish flavored, there's so much to choose from!

Weekend Getaways

Try spending a night away from home for a little extra relaxation.  Many hotels accept cats and dogs, so you and your pet can get away, relax, and not have to worry about all those chores to do at home for a night.  Try websites likes and always call the hotel directly to double check their policies.

Movie Night

Why not stay in and rent a pet friendly movie?  Snuggle up with your cat or dog on the couch and watch something that will hold their interest.  For dogs, try a movie with a lot of dogs moving around on screen and barking, like 101 Dalmatians, Beethoven or Hotel for Dogs.  For cats, try The Birds to captivate them with all the flapping on screen.

Picture Purrfect

Get a special portrait done of your pet.  Of course you have tons of pictures of your pet, but make something a little extra special with a fun portrait.  Try something fun like a cartoon or your pet inserted into a classic work of art, like at  Or try something a little more traditional at

Gift Exchange

So maybe your pet can't go out and buy you a gift, but you'll get a lot of love and appreciation if you bring home a new toy or treat for him.  Now is a great time to find lots of heart shaped toys, pink and red collars and Valentine's Day themed treats.  For an extra special twist, try a heart shaped catnip pillow for your cat.



Gifts From the Heart (and Paw)

Make gifts together at home!  Use modeling clay and get creative.  Flatten a piece of clay into a pancake shape and then place your pet's paw into the clay.  Bake in the oven and then decorate however you want.  If you want to create a concrete stepping stone with your pet's paw print, buy a kit for making stepping stone or buy concrete mix to make yourself.  Coat your pet's paw with petroleum jelly before placing into the concrete mixture, then be sure to wash well with soap and water.  Let the concrete dry and you'll have a great personalized gift from your pet!

Game Day

Try something simple like going to the park and playing with your dog.  Play all his favorite games.  Throw a frisbee or ball for him to catch or chase him around the park.  For your cats, gather up all of their favorite toys and get on the ground with them for some quality play time.

Play Dates

Go hang out with your pet's best friend on a play date.  He'll have fun interacting with another animal and you'll have another human to spend time with too.  Need help setting up pet play dates?  Check out social networking sites online that set up single people with pets with other single people with pets. 

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