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If your dog’s toys are all over your home, it may be time to consider a new toy storage system. It could be as simple as a five gallon bucket, or as stylish and elaborate as the Pet Haven Indoor Dog House featured below.

Any storage solution you choose is guaranteed to make your home look less cluttered and more manageable.

Dog toy storage solutions
How many times have you been in this situation - It is late at night and you decide you need to go to the other room for something. On the way through your home, you end up stubbing your toe or stepping on a toy. Once again, you find out, that toy is one of the seemingly hundreds your dog has. You decide that tomorrow is the day when you do something about all of the stray dog toys.

There is no doubt you love your pet, and buying him or her new dog toys is just one of the many ways you show you care. But the downside is that you end up with a house full of dog toys and a dog who is overwhelmed and doesn’t know what to play with.

Toy storage serves a few functions. First and foremost, it gets your dog’s toys up off the floor and into one central area.

Another function toy storage serves is “hiding” some toys. Say you put all of your dog’s toys into a container the dog can go into and retrieve toys from himself later. He will only be able to get to the toys on the top of the pile. You can then dig a little further in a month or so to pull out a toy the dog has not seen in awhile. He will be happy to see it again.

A third function a dog toy storage system serves is adding style to your home. This is definitely true for most of the options pictured below. These days, it is easy and affordable to find a storage system that fits in with your home’s decor.

5 Dog Toy Storage Solutions
Below are 5 dog toy storage solutions. Take a look at these options to give you an idea of what is available. Click on the titles to take you to the original sites where they were found.

Pet Haven Indoor Dog House

This indoor dog house features dog toy storage in the pointed top part of the dog house.

Wine Crate Pet Toy Box

Ceramic Dog Toy Crock

Jakeybb Handpainted Toy Boxes

Dog Bone Storage Bin

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