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Leaving your pet behind when you’re going out of town can be quite stressful, and the pet will hate it too. It feels like leaving your kid behind, more than anything else, because our pets are our children. Since an occasion where you have to go somewhere without your best friend for more than eight hours is bound to happen, it’s important to prepare and try to make the period as easy as possible for the animal.

Familiarize your pet with your friends

You can’t leave a pet alone at home for the entire duration of the trip, and you need someone to take care of him or her on a daily basis. If you have a friend who is willing to take your pet in while you’re away, make sure to familiarize the animal with the person prior to leaving.

A cat might not give a flying paw, but a dog or a parrot will, and if they are not familiarized and comfortable enough around someone, it can wind up being the most stressful time of their life.

Look for someone who can spend plenty of time with your pet, even if it means just being in the same room, so that the animal knows it’s not alone. Avoid leaving your pet at home with someone checking up on him or her occasionally during the day - it’ll prove to be more stressful for the animal.

Leave something behind

Smell is one of the most powerful and potent stress-relievers for any animal. Make sure you leave some of the things behind that distinctly smell like you so that the animal can curl up and snuggle against them.

Also, some animals like parrots and dogs can recognize faces on photos so you can leave a photo of yourself with the animal so that it can have an easier time coping with your absence. It sounds silly, but it can work.

Have regular face-times

The modern age has enabled us to stay in touch with people across the world, and if distance is no obstacle for human interaction, then why should it be for you and your pet? A real stress relief for your furry or feathery friend will be daily video “chats” where the animal can see your face and hear your voice. It will mean the world to them and help bridge the gap until you return. You can schedule one or more chats a day to minimize stress.

Get a pet-sitter

One of the best options for making sure your pet is taken care of is to hire a professional pet-sitter. Companies like Mad Paws will guarantee your furry friend gets the best treatment possible. Just make sure your pet will want you back when the time comes to say goodbye to the sitter!

Don’t make a big deal

This one might seem counterintuitive and even wrong, but when you spend a lot of time saying goodbye to your pet, it actually leads to high separation anxiety. You might want to smooch and hug your best friend goodbye, but it will actually tell the animal that something is wrong and produce a negative effect on their mental state, making them nervous and stressed.

So, the next time you’re about to leave, try to control the urge for an emotional goodbye, and leave the house like it’s just another day, and you’ll be back quickly. Additionally, when you come back home, act like nothing special is happening, just for a few minutes. Your calm behavior will tell your pet that it’s not a big deal, and will actually comfort the animal.

Leaving your life companion behind is never easy, but with these tips you can make the time spent apart seem shorter, and the entire process as bearable for your pet as possible.



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