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Pet owners indulge their pooches like their children. They do not mind showering them with lavish attention. From extravagant dog accessories, spa and grooming sessions, expensive play toys, to the best dog food, pet dogs are a pampered tribe.

Dogs are, essentially, simple creatures and you don’t necessarily have to go all out and spoil them. All your furry buddy asks for is your time and attention. And because of their simplicity, unconditional love and loyalty (all of which are rare to find in human beings), a lot of pet owners can’t help but mollycoddle them to no end.

There are several factors that make a dog happy and healthy. It is important to see to it that you meet your dog’s basic needs and practice responsible ownership. Later, you start going into details, like choosing the right pet supplies for your dog.

This will require considerable time, patience, and research from your end but that should help you determine the kind of pet products your dog really needs in order to live happily.

A few must-have supplies for your canine friend are mentioned ahead.

1. Collar and Leash

Dogs can be extremely playful and sometimes mischievous. Many a time, you may find that your dog isn’t present where you left him and has run off somewhere to have a gala time. This is the reason every dog needs a collar (or a harness).

Collars play an important role in a pet dog’s life as they contain their identification and owner’s contact details. Should he ever get lost, the collar may come in handy.

There are different types of collars you can consider for your mutt. You can choose from a flat collar, a martingale collar, or a head halter depending on your dog’s temperament.   

A leash is another must-have item for dogs. It is important that they learn to walk on it and receive adequate physical and mental stimulation. It is also a great tool to teach your dog about discipline and good behavior.

You might want to buy multiple leashes and collars for different occasions and coordinate them to add some fun and style quotient to your pooch’s look.  

2. Crates and Beds

If your dog is young or if you’ve brought him home recently, it makes good sense to get him a crate or a kennel. It allows you to keep him in a safe space when you’re unable to supervise him.

It is also a great way to make your dog feel safe and secure and let him have privacy when he needs it. Apart from that, it comes in handy when you’re potty-training your dog or travelling with him, thereby making it easier for you to take care of him.

A trained dog can be given a bed of his own to sleep on. Make sure it is the right size for him and the cover is replaceable because you will have to keep it clean. You can choose from among a plethora of options of pillows, cushions, couches, mattresses, and even beds stuffed with cedar chips, repurposed cotton or soda bottles.      

3. Food and Water Bowls

It goes without saying that your dog will have to be fed at regular intervals. You’re going to need food and water bowls for this purpose. You can purchase ceramic, stainless steel, plastic, and even glass bowls depending on your budget and preference.

While plastic bowls are easy on the pocket, they can retain bacteria and residue. Hence, if you choose to go with plastic, pick a tough, dishwasher-friendly bowl and change them when they start to show signs of distress.

Ceramic and glass dishes/bowls can be dense so they will probably not end up becoming chew toys, but they can be expensive. They can also break easily. Some ceramic utensils may contain lead, which is harmful to dogs. So, if you buy ceramic ones, make sure they’re dishwasher-safe and lead-free.

Stainless steel bowls are said to be the best choice, but they can be quite expensive too. All good things do come at a price. We say they’re good because they’re durable and easy to clean and sanitize.

4. Dog Food and Treats

Just like we eat nutritious food to stay fit, dogs also need to eat healthy. What you feed your dog is important for his physical and mental development. It is best to look up the Internet to understand what kind of nutrition dogs require and the foods that will meet those requirements.

Apart from the regular food, dog treats are essential to keep your dog motivated. You can use them for positively reinforcing and rewarding good behavior in your dog. He will love them and will surely obey all your commands in order to earn them.   

5. Grooming Equipment

Who would not want their dog to look cute and cuddly? All dogs need grooming and the good news is that there are dedicated tools and equipment for that.

From shampoos and brushes to combs and scissors, there’s a whole range to try. Haircuts, nail trims, fur accessories and even head bands and clips, it’s all possible and so much fun for you as well as your dog.   

6. Doggy Toys

Dogs love running around, picking up random things and gnawing at them. For them almost everything is a plaything, which is to be chewed and eventually destroyed. Before he starts chewing up your furniture, it is suggested that you get him some hard-rubber toys.

Apart from that, they also love fetching toys like Frisbees and balls. Also, get him toys that encourage him to think and perform a certain task, as well as reward him upon its completion.

Whatever you choose for your dog, make sure that is it safe and strong enough for him to use. Do not allow him to play with damaged toys or he may end up hurting himself or swallowing them accidentally.

Taking care of a pet dog is no easier than taking care of another human being. It is a mammoth responsibility. But it is also rewarding as you end up making a faithful and spirited friend for life, who deserves to be pleased and pampered.  

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