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Ever wonder what it might be like to be a veterinary technician (vet tech)? Or maybe you wonder what exactly a vet tech does. Becoming a vet tech can be a fulfilling career, but certainly has its stressful days.

The Basics
A veterinary technician, also known as vet tech or veterinary assistant,  provides a wide range of support in veterinary offices and hospitals. They do everything from monitoring the health of the animals to prepping for surgery to euthanasia. For people who love animals, becoming a vet tech may be a great career choice. Being able to be around a wide variety of pets and animals and helping to care for them can be extremely rewarding. However, if stability and consistency are important aspects of the job, this is not the career choice to pursue. There is rarely a “typical” day.

The Day to Day
Each day in the life of a vet tech is unique. One day could be very busy and the next very quiet. Typically, the a tech will start a shift by making the rounds. They check all of the animals and pets and alert the veterinarian of any problems. Then comes the schedule. Maybe a cat needs surgery, some horses are coming in to have their teeth worked on, then a few pets are coming in for routine vaccinations.

If the veterinarian office or hospital has patients that need to stay overnight or for longer periods of time, the hours can be long or inconsistent. There are always messes to clean up and equipment to clean, but there are always lots of loving and caring animals and pet owners thanking the vet techs for a job well done.

The Downside
Unfortunately, it usually falls to the vet tech to euthanize suffering animals. This is typically considered the most difficult and stressful part of the job. The pet may have been coming in to the office for years for vaccinations and checkups and is almost always loved very much by the owners.

Other stressful parts of the job include surgery and cleanup. It is the vet tech that is responsible for preping the animal for surgery and making sure the tools and equipment are ready. Not everyone can handle watching or participating in cutting open a broken or sick animal. Cleaning up all sorts of messes from urine and feces to vomit and blood can also cause stress for the veterinary technician.

The Training
After deciding to become a vet tech, the next decision is where to go to get the education necessary to become a certified veterinary technician. Some employers offer on the job training, but most prefer to hire techs that have completed a program accredited by The American Veterinary Medical Association.

During the training, students learn how to properly monitor animals, take x-rays, clean pet’s teeth with specialized equipment, give vaccinations, properly clean and care for wounds, along with a many other skills that are needed to the job.

This job is not for everyone, but if you have a passion for animals and can handle the stresses, consider becoming a veterinarian technician.

Are you a vet tech? Leave a comment below to let everyone know your favorite and least favorite parts of your job.

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I can imagine how stressful the job would be. But thank you for those people working as a vet tech. Great contribution to the society!

Posted by luv4pets on Tuesday, 01/11/2011, 02:51AM

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