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Because having three dogs is not enough, my boyfriend and I decided to take on a fourth dog for 10 days, a 20 lb. Cocker Spaniel named Bailey’s, yes after the liquor. Bailey’s is an only child, the princess in a household all her own, she never has to share, never has to wait for attention, and never has to go a moment without being adored.

Bailey’s first night at our house was a different story. As I have said in the past, I have three large dogs, one being handicapped but the other two are young, strong healthy male dogs, the larger, Abel, being around 80 lbs and the smaller, Shad, somewhere above 50 lbs.  I got a phone call in advance, warning me of the impending scroller about to enter my home. I was outside with my maniacs and waited patiently for them to arrive. I did not have to wait long. Bailey’s was excited; she loves our house. She does not have a fenced yard at her place so she enjoys being here.  She was standing in the car window, waiting to be let out!

She entered the yard with no fear, no fear until she saw what waited for her, she stopped in her tracks, disbelief written all over her adorable scruffy face. Abel who I held firmly by the collar demanded to move forward to greet the newcomer. Now for the moment of truth.  I moved ahead with Abel, Shad already nosing around Bailey’s, and allowed my pup to greet this small lady dog. Abel’s main exposure to the female species has been myself and my 10-year-old female Genesis, a young agile female was out of his realm of experience.

He was admittedly aggressive at first, in a pushy manner he demanded her attention until she was fed up with it and snarled at him. That snarl got Abel’s respect and he spent the remaining 9 days close but not too close to his new -found friend.  Playing together was something Bailey’s would not tolerate. She enjoys being outside and relaxing, when Abel and Shad would begin to play fight, she would seek out the comfort of human arms, or the shelter of the chaise lounge.  While Bailey’s and Abel could not play together, they did sleep side- by -side on more than one occasion. My attempts to take pictures were of course foiled, as Abel is camera shy – no seriously.

So what have I learned from all this?  To give my dog more credit than I do. Because Abel is so high strung, I have a tendency to shield him from the other dogs in the neighborhood and park.  It is difficult because I cannot predict his behavior when he is outside. I also learned that having four dogs on a permanent basis would render me insane. Having a four-legged visitor is fun, and crazy, it invokes laughter and cuddles. If she had stayed another night though, I honestly would have lost it!

About the author: I am a professional dog walker and pet sitter. more >>

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