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Just like human beings, cats need regular physical exercise to maintain health in both body and mind. However, while dogs can simply be taken for walks or sessions of ball-chasing, most cats tend to prefer their own structures. Here are some ways to introduce fitness to your feline's lazy lifestyle.

Take at least fifteen minutes out of your day to play with your cat. This is unlikely to feel like a chore.

Be patient. While some cats are eager to play, older and/or heavier cats tend to prefer a sedentary lifestyle. But they're the ones who need exercise the most, so be patient with them, holding toys out until they decide to join in on the fun.

Use catnip. The natural feline stimulant is worked into many mass market toys, and will make play even more compelling.

Put toys away when you are finished with the play session. This keeps the toys novel, and also reduces the risk that the cat might hurt him or herself if playing unsupervised.

Be creative. The goal isn't just to get your cat in shape, but to show them new ways to have fun. If you're enjoying coming up with ideas for romping and playing, your cat will likely feel the same way.

About the author: A freelance writer/cartoonist living in LA, with my fiance' and our wonderful cat. You can see my work at and more >>

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