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04/29/2011 13:44:10 PM by Ellent   Send Message to Ellent  1460  views, category: Pet thoughts view all blogs


Cats are extremely intelligent, small in size and clean freaks. Cats also serve as therapeutic remedies for many people in many ways.

That sweet, curled up, 6 lbs of fur known as kitty can be one of the greatest forms of therapy for many people.  According to the Society of Companion Animal Studies, people who interact with animals live longer lives and recover from illnesses faster than without them.

Because cats are small and have fewer demands than dogs, many people who want a pet, without the high maintenance of dogs, look to cats as a solution.  Cats, by nature, are extremely clean animals and can sit in just about anyone's lap without difficulty.  This works well with children who might be going through a medical situation and need a little help in getting over the depressions of being ill.

Cats are a perfect solution for elderly people who have slower motor skills or are becoming somewhat  frail.  A cat's size is manageable for older people and is not overwhelming.  They are extremely affectionate, adore attention and are very gentle creatures.  Studies have shown that people become relaxed, calm and under little to no stress listening to a cat's purr while petting them.  These qualities are also excellent for people suffering long term illnesses or disabilities.

I was very depressed when I lost one of my cats, lying around on my couch and quite often crying.  My Maine Coon would come to me, curl up on my chest and rub his head against my face while purring.  I just knew he understood my sadness and his comforting presents helped alleviate some of my pain.

Both cats and dogs have been playing a very valuable role in the lives of people of all ages, lifestyles and conditions. These incredible pets should be revered for their roles in our lives.

Check out articles and online sites that discuss therapeutic remedies that cats offer.  You might be quite surprised what these sweet, 6 lbs of fur can offer others.

About the author: I live in Houston, TX with my 4 kitties and two dogs. I take care of homeless kitties and try and find them homes. I have rescued a few dogs and found them homes. I love reading and also sell books online. I work as a flight attendant full time. I... more >>

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Can't agree more. I have two lovely cats who hang out with me on the couch when I watch tv. They are smart and clean!
Posted by honorine on Monday, 05/02/2011, 03:54AM

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