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You probably don't even realize it, but there are many plants that might be in your backyard that could be harmful or even fatal to your pet.

Many common garden plants and wild growth can cause some serious damage to your pet’s health. The problem is that dogs and cats use their sense of smell and of taste to explore what is around them. They will taste anything they think may taste good. Always supervise your dog in unfamiliar territory to make sure they do not ingest any of the following toxic plants.

If you believe your dog, cat, horse, or other pet has eaten something that is making them ill, you can call the 24 hour emergency poison hotline at 1-888-426-4435. A $65 charge may apply.

Dog lists the following as the top four most dangerous summertime plants:
1. Sago plant - If any part is ingested, it may cause vomiting, bloody stool, damage to the stomach lining, and in the most serious cases, death.
2. Lily of the Valley - Along with vomiting and bloody stool, this plant is also known to cause a drop in heart rate, severe changes in heart beat rhythm, and seizures.
3. Crocuses - These plants cause vomiting, diarrhea, severe internal bleeding, and multi system shutdown.
4. Fertilizers and soil additives - Some fertilizers and soil additives are more dangerous than others. Stay away from those that use blood or bone meal.

The is a great website for finding information on plants before you buy them and plant them near where your pet may eat it. The ASPCA not only lists each plant (more than 440), they also post a picture of each one so you can be sure what you are looking at. You can even filter the search by the plants that are toxic to dogs, cats, or horses.

You might be surprised by some of the plants that made it to the toxic list. For example, apples/apple trees are listed as toxic to cats, dogs, and horses. The reason stated is that apples contain cyanide, especially during wilting. Some of the signs of illness from eating apples include difficulty breathing, dilated pupils, and shock.

Bishop’s weed is another common backyard plant that is toxic to your dog, cat, and horse. This weed contains insoluble calcium oxalates. Signs of illness include oral irritation, excessive drooling, and vomiting.

The best advice is not to stay indoors all summer. It is to scroll through the list, take note of the harmful plants in your area, and then keep a watchful eye on your dog, cat, or horse when you are outside together. Oh, and have fun.

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