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Cats are naturally attracted to dangling objects, including cords of blinds and drapes. When they play, or batt at them, the little plastic/metal pulls can become entwined, causing the cat to become entangled.


This happened to my kitten, who while playing, got his foot caught in the knotted cord, leaving him literally hanging upside down by his ankle and unable to free himself. His cries alerted me, and I had to use scissors to free him, as the knot was so tight.


The Solution

Cut off the plastic/metal weights/pulls at the ends of the cords allowing them to hang freely and separately. This eliminates the chance of them becoming knotted and your cat becoming entwined.

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I had a similar experience with computer cords. Not sure how she did it, as I was sleeping, but I had to get the oven mitts out and calmly untangle my cat while she was freaking out ....

Posted by MsLucky on Wednesday, 03/10/2010, 15:03PM

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