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Did you know that you can tell a lot about a person from the way they treat their pet? It's true. A person who is loving, kind, and attentive to their pet tend to treat the people they care about the same way. If you are in the dating world, it pays to understand the dynamic of pets and pet owners. Here are some dating tips for pet lovers. 

How To Judge A Pet Owner
Just as parents judge other parents based on how they treat their children, pet owners judge other pet owners based on how well they treat their pets. This is why it is so important, especially in the dating circuit, to learn how to take control of your pet and discipline him or her without violence. Not only is it better for the dog, it is also more attractive to a potential mate. 

Here is an example: Say two singles are at the dog park. A woman spots a man on the other side of the park and thinks he is very attractive. As she walks her dog in his direction, she thinks what she is hearing are commands from the man to his dog. As she gets even closer, she realizes he is simple yelling at the dog, who doesn't seem to be doing anything wrong. The woman turns around and speeds in the other direction, telling her dog how much she loves her. 

The Pet Owner's Bias 
Pet owners tend to look for a potential mate with a pet. As we dog owners know, only other dog owners understand the love, affection, and responsibility that comes from having a dog. The same can be said for cat owners, bird owners, ferret owners, and all other types of pet owners. In this case, it is a good idea to try the specialized dating websites, such as the one's discussed in Dating Services For Pet Owners.

Pet Parent Extremes
There are some pet owners who consider their pets to be more like people. They do things like feed their pets at the table, talk to them, and leave money in their will for them. Then there are the pet parents that spoil their pets. You know the ones. They are the ones who have more pet toys then anything else, pet clothes, and excessive pet pictures hanging up. While this type of behavior might be adorable to a point, it might also signal the inability to say no or overcompensation for the lack of affection in their lives. 

Then there are those pet owners who mistreat their pet. There is never an excuse to mistreat a pet, although many people try to explain. If the cat was left with the house in a divorce, the newly single man or woman might try to take out the frustrations on the pet because it was "theirs." However, if you are dating someone who acts like this, it might be a sign that person is not ready for a relationship. There are still some strong feelings, either positive or negative, about the ex. 

Keep these tips in mind while dating someone with a pet and you will be sure to impress. 

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