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The American bobcat is truly a striking creature, and its beauty has not gone unnoticed by cat fanciers. Its strong posture, beautiful spotted coat, and sharp black tufts on the ears and tail are evidence of nature's artistry. It is also a wild animal, and doesn't have the millennia of domestication that make regular housecats such good companions.

Owning a pet bobcat is possible, and those who do take care of the creatures will die by the depth of their bond. However, it is a tremendous amount of work to manage the needs and behaviors of a wild cat, and is not recommended unless you understand that a bobcat is a 24/7 commitment. They will mark their territory with foul smells, and destroy anything that gets in their way. Their nutritional needs cannot be met by conventional canned or dry food, and they will to be fed whole animals similar to what they'd eat in the wild. And any prospective bobcat owner should have contact with a vet who specializes in exotic animals. 

That said, there are several who have tried to circumvent this problem by creating breeds similar in appearance to the American bobcat. Actual bobcat hybrids are very rare, despite several claims from less-reputable breeders. However, the visual traits that draw people to bobcats can be found in several domestic breeds. The American Bobtail is an obvious example, sharing the bobcat's characteristically-shortened tail. Another domestic look-alike is the Pixie-Bob, which also has the spotted coat. They're not exact replicas, but if they make good companions, that shouldn't matter.

About the author: A freelance writer/cartoonist living in LA, with my fiance' and our wonderful cat. You can see my work at and more >>

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