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Do Pets Make Great Gifts?


With the holiday gift giving season right around the corner many people will consider giving pets as gifts.  Although pets bring much joy and happiness to their owners, there are many things to consider before giving an animal as a gift.


Will the recipient be able to care for the animal long term?


Consider the cost and commitment involved in a pet.  After your initial gift the recipient is responsible for food, vet bills, grooming, ect. Will they be able to honor this commitment for the lifespan of the pet? Do they have an appropriate place for the pet?


Does the recipient want a pet?


Don’t make assumptions. Just because your friend is lonely don’t assume a pet is the answer. A pet is a lifetime commitment. It will not spoil the surprise by asking the intended recipient if they really want a pet and what kind they would like. It is not a gift to put a pet in a situation where they are not wanted. Give the intended recipient the option of saying no before giving a pet as a gift.


Is the holiday season the right time to introduce a pet to a new home?


The holiday season is a busy and stressful time.  Consider if it is really the best time to introduce a new pet to the home. There is a lot of excitement associated with the holidays. There are also many things that can be hazardous to pets around the holiday season such as tinsel, poisonous poinsettias and chocolate. With all that is going on you need to consider if the pet will have the appropriate safety and supervision required for their well being.


Once you have established that the recipient is ready and willing to accept a new pet. There are many creative ways to give a pet as a gift without having to choose the pet itself and without having to introduce it to the home right away.


You may want to give a gift certificate to a local pet store or a pet certificate from a local shelter. Another great idea is a book about the pet. These are great ways to give a gift while allowing the recipient to choose the pet that is best for them.


 You may not want to give away the surprise, but you must be able to answer all these questions.  If you are considering giving a pet as a gift it is very important for the health, safety and welfare of the pet and new owner that you are absolutely positive that this is the right decision.

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My friend told me this sad story about when she was growing up in the country. Apparently, just a few weeks after Christmas every year, they would find puppies that were abandoned- most puppies were just playing around and thought it was a fun game of hide- and- seek with their 'owners'. I guess the owners found the puppies inconvenient for them or not what they had expected, so they would just leave them. Of course, my friends family picked them up and took them home. 
Living in the country, though, most of the dogs that they found and kept ended up being run over by cars (sadly) because the dogs had no recognition that cars were bad, which is why they were able to take in so many dogs.
Anyways, I just wanted to share this little story because I think you bring up good points about giving a dog as a pet. Thanks for sharing.

Posted by MsLucky on Saturday, 11/06/2010, 17:10PM

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