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I never understand why dogs pick the places they pick to lie down.  What are their perspectives of being comfortable? Take my photo for example - that is my grandma's dog Wrigley.  He's lying on top of a suitcase.  Really?  How can that be comfortable?

Other times, he lies next to a table, and lays his head on the metal shelf of the table.  And other times, he'll lie on the carpeting, but rest his head on the wooden stair.  Or lay underneath a wooden table – he’ll squeeze under there and curl up as to not be seen.  Not sure how any of those positions can be comfortable!

Our house is full of dog beds, couches and human beds which they can lie on (yes, I allow my dogs to lie on the beds and couches!)but they choose to lie on or in the most uncomfortable positions.  I just don't understand it.

What are they thinking?  "This is better than the cage I could be in if I was never adopted?" or “I’d rather lie here, than take the chance of lying on the bed or couch and risk getting yelled at."

Who knows what their excuse is, other than they're dogs.  And it gives me pleasure to watch them and wonder.  Who knows what's in their brain (if anything!) It doesn’t make them the smartest of animals, but we love them anyhow!

About the author: Along with a tank full of fish I have 2 dogs - Lucy is 11 and Wrigley (who is my Grandma's dog) is 13. Oh, and I have a husband and 2 sons too! more >>

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