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Last week my dog Tiki made a play date online for the local dog park. My Jack Russell Terrier prefers online chats with his network of friends from around the world.
At this point you are intrigued, or you are thinking I am one odd duck…
If you are caught up in the social networking craze, you are probably already using Facebook to network. But is your dog? Dogbook is an application on Facebook that allows you to create profiles for the furry members of your family. To get started, you will be prompted to provide information about your dog such as: name, family, breed, sex, loved since, hometown, activities, favorite parks, favorite treats and an “about me” section.

Once you have created a profile, you can invite friends and family members (both human and canine) for your dog, update their status, post pictures and videos, and much more.  Many users adopt their dog’s personality to chat about favorite foods, activities, and places to visit.
One of my favorite features is the “Dog Park”, which is an online version of actual dog parks in your area. Online members of your virtual dog park can network, coordinate real play dates, and work together to resolve any issues at your favorite park. If your local dog park isn’t represented, you can use the application to add a park.
Another cool feature is the “Search” application, where you can search out new friends for your dog using criteria such as location, breed, name, and gender. As your dog adds friends, you are building a network of pets and their owners from around the world.
Dogbook isn’t all woofs and tummy rubs. The ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation) Alert broadcasts very real lost pet incidents in your area. By clicking on the “ARF Alerts” tab, you can view existing alerts in your area, or create your own alert.

And not to leave out the more, ummm, independent, members of your family, there is a Catbook application, which mirrors Dogbook.

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About the author: I am a Human Resources Manager by profession. But I dream of leaving Corporate America and working with pets all day. I might have my chance, I just got laid off.... more >>

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