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If you have ever wondered about how to make a few extra dollars without spending all of your time away from home, consider blogging or freelance writing. As this writer knows, writing online for money can be tricky but rewarding.

Believe me, writing online will probably not give you enough income to quit your day job, but it can be fun and is a nice way to make some extra money.

Choose where to write
There are a few ways you can earn money for your writing online. For example, you can start your own blog, contribute to someone else’s blog or website, use broker sites to find pet related topics to write, or ghost write.

How you can make money
There are also a few different ways this type of write can earn you money. You can get paid directly from a website owner for your contributions, you can get paid per word(or 100 words) when you write through a broker site, or you can earn money on your own blog or website through advertising and affiliate programs.

Creating a blog
Say you want to start your own blog. One of the best tips for creating and growing a good blog is to have a theme. What better theme than pets! The pet industry and pet behavior is a very wide subject, but it is defined enough to be a blog theme. Be sure to break down blog articles by categories, similar to what we do here on

You can use a platform such as Google Sites or HubPages to create your own blog that will be hosted on their site, but you will not have your own domain name. You can also use or other sites that let you purchase your own domain name.

Use Google AdSense and other advertising products to monetize your blog. You can also sign up for affiliate programs such as the ones offered through or When someone clicks on your ad or link, you get a small amount of money. Make sure you do your research before signing up for these programs.

Contribute to a blog or website
Contributing to a blog or website means you write material and then submit it to a blog or website for posting. Each blog or website is unique and will pay a different amount for your writing. You may apply to be a contributor or you may be asked if you would like to contribute to a blog or website and set up payment arrangements in the beginning.

Use broker sites to find work
Online broker sites are those that bring writers and those that need material written together. Authors sign up or apply to become a writer and buyers post what they need.

So, as a writer, here is how it would work: You apply and are accepted to the site (such as You search through the open and available postings for something that you can write (you are familiar with the topic and are comfortable writing within the specified guidelines and for the amount of money offered). You find a suitable job and claim it. You write the material and submit it to the poster and website editors for approval. Once it is accepted and no edits are asked for, you get paid the predetermined amount of money.

Freelance writing
Being a freelance writer is a lot more work than it may seem. Articles take time to write and the payout may not be so great. But, if writing is a hobby and a passion for you, it is worth it. You can write in the comfort of your own home, on your time, and write about topics that interest you.

Often times, freelancers end up making friends through their writing due to the time spent in forums, blogs, and social media sites like Linkedin.

Writing is also a great way to learn. Keeping a blog about pets up to date and filled with useful information requires hours of research and lots of time actually writing about the different topics.

It can be a challenge, but blogging about pets can be a fun and rewarding way to learn and to make some extra cash.

About the author: Kayleigh has always loved animals and has spent time volunteering at the local dog shelter. The love of her life is her four year old Rottweiler, Lizzie. She enjoys writing for since it combines her love of animals with one of her favor... more >>

See something on the Internet that you'd like us to profile in this column? Anything about pet fashion, technology or interesting is good. Send us an email to or leave a comment below.

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