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An Easter Egg hunt is fun for everyone and cats are no exception. Their curious nature makes this event a great way to help celebrate the holiday. However, for cats the hunt is not for decorated hard-boiled eggs and it is an all day event.

The preparation is not as simple as boiling and decorating an egg. Each cat has one or more favorite items and treats and, of course, catnip is on top of most lists. A week or two advanced shopping for the special treats is essential. The cats will scent the stored treats, which will get them ready for the hunt. There should be at least six for each cat though you might not use all of them.

On Easter morning, take a gift and let the cat smell it. You will have a shadow following you around for the treat or gift. Put the cat in a room and hide the treat. Then let the cat out of the room, while the scent is still strong and watch the hunt begin. This is repeated throughout the day.

When the family sits down for Easter dinner, one of the treats is given to the cat while everyone is eating. It is Easter for cats, too.

About the author: Merrill Baum is a certified animal acupressure therapist, a former breeder of Great Danes, a former horse midwife, a pet care specialist in farm and pet services, a volunteer rehabilitator at the Wisconsin Humane Society, wildlife department, an e... more >>

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