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Earlier today my fiance' and I took a trip to the Santa Monica Cat Show, an annual Los Angeles event put on by the Cat Fancier's Association. Though she had always been a cat lover, this was my first trip to a cat show, because before two years ago I had never owned a cat and couldn't fathom why people would be so obsessed with the animals. One shelter kitten later, I understood completely.

Thus, I could see why the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium filled to the brim with cat lovers and their cats. The majority of the space was used to display the top breeds, cats that had won breeders' awards in prior years. They sat in cages on tables, their owners right at hand. One might think that being enclosed while surrounded by crowds of humans would be torture for a cat, but most of them seemed to take it well. I can't speak for the cats, but most of them were calm and relaxed, with very few meows of protest. Perhaps on some level they realized they were the stars, and were quietly basking in the adulation of the humans.

Amongst the cats, you could find every breed imaginable. There were hairless cats and bushy-furred cats, cats with long noses and cats with scrunched faces, cats with stripes and cats with spots, and cat tails that were long, short, or even absent. There were cats that were the product of selective breeding, but there were also displays for animal shelters, with kittens available for adoption. I had flashbacks to my earliest memories of childhood, when my mother read me the book " Millions of Cats ". The number of cats here wasn't quite that high, but it was easily in the triple digits.

Of all the cats present, my favorites were the Maine Coons. These cats are distinctive based on how utterly large they are-- at upwards of three feet long ( sans tail ) and thirty-five pounds, they look like they could swallow other cats whole. Yet they're gentle giants, with characteristically docile personalities. Seeing them made me want to take a Maine Coon home with me, but even if my apartment allowed more than one cat, I doubt I could steal a thirty-pound cat in broad daylight.

The Santa Monica Cat Show was an enjoyable experience, and a major step in my development as a cat lover. If felines are a religion, and my cat Allie was my baptism, this was my sacred pilgrimage. Attached are some candid photos I took of said divine figures.

About the author: A freelance writer/cartoonist living in LA, with my fiance' and our wonderful cat. You can see my work at and more >>

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See the pictures I took last time of the cats at the cat show I went to:

Posted by honorine on Wednesday, 09/01/2010, 16:06PM


An utterly charming review. It almost makes me want to get a cat, or at least the one that's the size of an average dog.

Posted by Wynn on Monday, 08/30/2010, 09:11AM

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